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Hi, I’m hasanka amarasinghe

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OUR VILLA We look forward to extending you a very warm welcome and will be delighted with the opportunity to have you as our guest. ... Originally a family home from the modern days. "The perch" Villa is a best of luxury accommodation. a stay at this villa is something to look forward to.Enter the serene world of a villa surrounded by walled courtyards and lush greenery; Villa is a beautifully restored family home which contains the stylish blend of modern comforts and classical antiquity located within a living in Heritage site.Four lavishly furnished deluxe bedrooms offer you every modern convenience you could ever wish for. Comfortable seats and wide open spaces are the ideal setting for rest and relaxation which you are free to indulge in wherever and whenever you please.

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Villa · 4 Bedrooms · 6 Guests
70 USD Per night
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