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Hi, I’m lynda bassey

Member since 2019-01-17

I can describe myself as someone who has high standards, principled, but in most cases, display flexibility as far as seeing people happy. I happy modest, hardworking, and consistently set strict goals for myself. I am a positive thinker, mature, candid and believe in integrity. I can't live without my hygiene, food, my partner, a good book, exercise. I have a unique style. I am not the regular kind of girl in everyone's neighbourhood. I am very reserved, modest, conservative. I love the sunlight, fresh air. I take my health seriously. I work out a lot. I love clean healthy environment. My home is not clustered, just has the basics. I cook, i clean. I don't keep late nights. I drink ocassionally, but at home. I don't smoke. I love home cooked food. No doubt anyone who choses to rent my apartment will be treated like a queen or king.

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Apartment · 1 Bedroom · 3 Guests
45 USD Per night
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