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Hi, I’m ali karaoui

Member since 2018-09-02

Good morning to all, here Ali! Merzouga became a tourist centre of attraction of the utmost importance for this region of Morocco, allowing the development of a hotel industry, as well locally as in the neighbouring localities of Errachidia and of Erfoud. Activities offered to the tourists are the chamelière walking, the bivouac in the desert, the quad, and, the summer, the arénothérapie (or sand bath). The balance of the site of Merzouga is threatened by the anarchic building of hotels, the tourist surfréquentation and the development of "mechanical sports" (Quad) 1). The ecological impact of this hotel tourism by the surutilisation of the resources of water and the failure to observe of the rules of purification of wastewaters are forgotten. I speak Berber French, English, Spanish, Arab and. (My mother tongue)

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Room · 1 Bedroom · 20 Guests
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