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About Us

book2trip has been created and run by a bunch of avid travel- lovers. Assuming we know what it is you’re thinking of when planning a trip or vacation, we decided to embark on an exciting adventure of our own.

In April 2017, book2trip was launched to link travelers and property owners around the globe. Our start-up kicked off with a team of six. Now we’re fifteen and still expanding. Our listings almost doubled over the course of a year, and we’ve been working like mad to compete with giants.

Hard as it is to believe, book2trip doesn’t take commission on payment transactions whatsoever. In fact, it merely serves those seeking unconventional, authentic travel experiences we believe hotel stays won’t provide, and others looking to use their extra space to make easy, extra cash.

That’s how we at book2trip choose to contribute to humanity. Because what better cause there is than to connect the world and make it a better place?