Hotels are awesome!

Here…we said it!

Hotel stays (well…most of them to be honest) are relaxing and that’s an unarguable fact, especially when the booking and check-in procedures aren’t too complicated. Add to that little touches of free toiletries, room service, and not having to worry about making the bed; it’s too hard not to feel enchanted by such luxuries.

That doesn’t mean though you shouldn’t try something new. And as you may know in order to form an unbiased opinion of something, you’ve got to try it firsthand. We hope after reading this article, you ring the changes and consider a vacation rental for your upcoming trip. Here’s why vacation rentals are better than hotels (or not any less cool)!

  • You live like a local

You live like a local-vacation rentals-book2trip

When you book a vacation rental, you make the most of your trip. You’re no longer a tourist satisfied with visiting some touristy spots, but rather a local fully experiencing a new place and culture. You get the feel of how locals’ everyday life is and return home bearing a part of the country you visited within your heart.

  • You choose your neighborhood

You choose your neighborhood-vacation rentals-book2trip

That one is very accommodating. Some areas lack hotels while others have too many of them. Your destination might not always have the best of hotels, or you might be seeking a unique accommodation; a beach house for instance or a space downtown. Again vacation rentals abound and are perfect for those seeking to live like locals!

  • You get more space

You get more space-vacation rentals-book2trip

It all depends on the place you’re renting, but most likely an average-sized house is much bigger than a hotel suite! Imagine traveling in a group or with a big family…how many hotel rooms then would you need to book?

  • You get more privacy

You get more privacy-vacation rentals-book2trip

The backyard, rooftop, and pool are all yours! You won’t have to share amenities with people you don’t know (unless listed otherwise). Loud hotel guests can’t bother you and you are spared the confines of hotel rules and regulations!

  • You cook your own food

You cook your own food-vacation rentals-book2trip

Yes, it’s money-saving and in some cases life-saving as well. You won’t have to overspend on restaurants or all-inclusive packages. Meal-prepping for long trips would be easy that way too. Plus, if you’re a germaphobe, eating out will stress you out (something you could do without, right?).

  • You do your own laundry

You do your own laundry-vacation rentals-book2trip

Again, more money saved and fewer clothes packed.

  • You enjoy more flexibility

You enjoy more flexibility-vacation rentals-book2trip

Speaking of hotel rules and regulations, at a vacation rental, you’re not required to eat in specific time frames, or check-in or out at set times. There’s always room to stay for a couple of more hours if you’re late in packing.

  • You get what you pay for

You get what you pay for-vacation rentals-book2trip

You directly deal with the homeowner. You’re informed of what your stay includes and how much it costs. There are no hidden fees for using amenities, and you won’t be asked to pay for eating from the minibar!

Finally, we’re not saying you should ditch hotels altogether, but there are other options as you can see. And you’ll never know whether you’re a hotel or vacation rental person unless you try both and see for yourself!

Though we still think you’re missing out on a lot if you haven’t tried vacation rentals yet 🙂