Countries and cities have their own distinct personalities. If you don’t believe so, think again. Here, we try to prove that some cities might suit you best than others. Keep reading to know where you should travel based on your birth month and don’t forget to share with us your perfect city match down in the comments!  


Prague, Czechia_book2trip

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If you’re a January-born, you’re a natural leader. You’ll probably choose the destination yourself, set the whole itinerary, and act as a tour guide even if you do have one to show you around.

  • What city should you visit?

Prague, Czechia

Like yourself, the Czechs are down-to-earth, very goal oriented, and diligent in their work which will guarantee you making new friends there. You’ll enjoy visiting the late 10th century Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral showing off what you’ve read about their history, then lead your group in the city’s most important bridge-crossing through Charles Bridge.



Kandy to Ella Train, Sri Lanka_book2trip

People see you as quiet and shy, but at heart, you’re in love with your freedom. When restricted, you show your edge and rebellious side. Travelers of your kind are daring and up for challenges, which makes the whole lot of you perfect for solo traveling.

  • What city should you visit?

There are two of them; Kandy and Ella, Sri Lanka.

Your love for adventure will perfectly match the train ride from Kandy to Ella or vice versa. Sitting by the window watching the Ceylon tea plantations will surely tend to your sensitive side.

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Calvados, Normandy, France_book2trip

You’re quite reserved and often like to keep to yourself (nothing wrong with that). Your dreamy nature makes you live in a world of your own as your vivid imagination fills your heart and soul more than anything else. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, though.

  • What city should you visit?

Normandy, France

Apart from the spectacular Norman cathedrals abound, a trip to the countryside village, Calvados will speak to your soul. Its beach resorts, countryside, culinary delights, and most importantly ‘the quiet’ are all ideal for your observant nature.



An outgoing, fun-loving person like yourself is probably looking for an unprecedented thrilling experience! For you, getting lost in a foreign country is the best part about travel as you get to brush up on your resourcefulness.

  • What city should you visit?

Freetown, Sierra Leone

The uplifting spirit of the capital is right what your vigorous personality needs. The sea, mountains, bright architecture, and stunning landscape will energize you the more. It’s okay if you get lost or lose track of time wandering in Bo’s Big Market as it’s hard to resist the gorgeousness of the items on display!



Athens, Greece_book2trip

Someone who is into both having fun and cultivating their brain like yourself will find countries with rich history close to their heart. Being in the right place at the right time is what you constantly seek, that’s why you’ll do your best to pick your perfect travel destination.

  • What city should you visit?

Athens, Greece

You’ll feel you want to absorb everything about the country from ancient times to present. And since you’re into hard work, you won’t mind long hours spent roaming the Acropolis and Ancient Agora. That’s how you get your fix of fun and intellect after all.



You’re polite, lovable, and always a pleasure to be around. You believe communication is key, that’s why you know how to bring harmony among those around you. You treat everyone the way you want to be treated which makes it easy for you to travel to exotic countries and explore cultures different from your own.

  • What city should you visit?

Marrakesh, Morocco

Such a hip and vibrant city that will dazzle you especially when you browse the markets’ handicrafts. You’ll have a good laugh with its friendly people and a walk down the Jemaa el-Fnaa will warm your heart. The acrobats, snake charmers, and fortune tellers there are quite something to say the least.



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia_book2trip

You’re a delight to be around as your friendly and approachable personality attracts all types of people to you. Your passion for everything you do makes you true both to yourself and others.

  • What city should you visit?

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A cosmopolitan city like Kuala Lumpur will appeal to you as you’ll find the blend of cultures and traditions in one spot very intriguing. You’ll appreciate its cultural diversity and with your sharp people skills you’ll make new friends of different ethnic backgrounds; Malay, Chinese, and Indian to name a few all within the same city.



Mount Everest, Nepal_book2trip

Your cheerful, sunny disposition is contagious! You love people and people love your carefree, outgoing personality. Driven by curiosity, you fearlessly take one risk after another though you always tell yourself you’ll watch out next time.  

  • What city should you visit?

Mount Everest, Nepal

What better way there is to embrace challenges than climb Mount Everest? By doing so, you’ll surely feel most in your element. That would be the ultimate risk giving you an adrenalin rush like no other. Plus, the Nepalese are very hospitable and among the friendliest around the world so for you, it’s a win-win situation.



The Maldives_book2trip

Active, dynamic, and pretty much a workaholic is how would people describe you. That doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate having some ‘me time’ to wind down and recharge your batteries. But when you do so, you want it to be as perfect as it should be.

  • What city should you visit?

The Maldives! (any of its islands would do)

There, you’ll find perfection as the pictures don’t do it justice! Absolutely perfect for cooling off from everyday responsibilities. Food, diving, spa treatments and simply lazing on the beach are things to look forward to when you’re in the Perfect Maldives!



Vienna, Austria_book2trip

Though you’re brave and fearless, you don’t like surprises. Playing it safe is your forte and creating balance in a world that lacks one is your cause. When choosing a country to visit, you look for a place that matches your inner and outer beauty.

  • What city should you visit?

Vienna, Austria

It is a balanced city if not the most balanced of all. Being a blend of northern European love for work and southern European love for life, there you’ll create your heaven! The quietness of the city will make you feel the peace of mind you crave; a thing you value above all.



Giza, Egypt_book2trip

You are a fun, caring, and reliable person. Often mislabeled as mysterious, but that’s how you protect your sensitive soul in a harsh world. You are the most misunderstood of all for keeping a part of yourself a secret even though you do it subconsciously! Anyway, you have the confidence to be yourself and that’s what matters the most.

  • What city should you visit?

Giza, Egypt

Is there a greater mystery than the Pyramids of Giza? There, you’ll have the opportunity to use your intelligence in solving one of history’s most puzzling questions. You have the analytical skills and brains so don’t hold back!



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil_book2trip

You are outgoing and a social magnet, but when playing a game, you get as competitive as it gets. People still like you though, even when you get into hot debates and voice out your opinions forcefully and loudly. They appreciate your honesty, generosity, and know that it all comes from a good place in your heart.

  • What city should you visit?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In sunny Rio, you’ll unleash your life-loving side. You’ll have a blast interacting with the locals and joking around with them. The Copacabana beach gladly welcomes tourists and locals alike so you’ll get a chance to lie in the sun and play the well-known Brazilian footvolley!


So, where are you headed on your next vacation?


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