Vacation rentals have become the real deal. If you’re asking “What is a vacation rental?” and you’re into traveling, or making extra income, or both, keep on reading to know the answer to the million dollar question!

Just to be clear, vacation rentals aren’t hotels. We’re all familiar with hotels’ luxuries and services. But how are vacation rentals different? And which accommodation is better? These questions and so much more are legit and we’re here to give you the answers.

What are vacation rentals- What is a vacation rental-book2trip

Vacation rentals are furnished apartments, houses, villas, chalets, even rooms rented out to guests on a short-term basis.


Who owns a vacation rental-What is a vacation rental-book2trip

Many people do. Anyone who owns a property and rents it out to tourists is a vacation rental owner.


But I live in the property I won- What is a vacation rental

Well…If you have a spare room in your house and wish to rent it out, consider yourself part of the vacation rental community!


Who runs vacation rentals- What is a vacation rental-book2trip

Owners (obviously 🙂 ) who sometimes hire property managers to look after their property.


So it's basically like renting a living place right- What is a vacation rental

Nope, you won’t be living in a vacation rental forever. At vacation rentals, duration of stays ranges from a night up to weeks. Plus, there’s more to vacation rentals than houses. You may rent a cabin, cottage, farmhouse, or a yacht!


Hotels are more luxurious though- What is a vacation rental

That’s a matter of opinion. The options are endless when it comes to vacation rentals. You can book a palace-inspired home, for instance.

Does a fancy hotel suite beat a palace?


Sounds like hotels are cheaper-What is a vacation rental-book2trip

Again, that’s relative. In some cases, vacation rentals are cheaper. Other times, booking prices are equal to hotels’, or even higher. It highly depends on the (amenities).


Cool...What amenities- What is a vacation rental-book2trip

Amenities are useful facilities and utilities you have access to during your stay. Think basic stuff like towels, Wi-Fi, and microwave up to a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool; all at your disposal.


Is there room service- What is a vacation rental-book2trip

No, but you may pay an extra fee for cleaning services (optional). Normally, a guest who opts for a vacation rental overlooks pampering services. S/he seeks an authentic travel experience hotels often fail to provide.


What should I expect when I book a vacation rental--What is a vacation rental-book2trip

Plenty of positives. You get more privacy and sometimes space. You enjoy cool amenities (all for yourself) and experience the locals’ life. Even though there won’t be a whole staff at your service, you can still have loads of fun.

All in all, vacation rentals will make you feel at home.

I have a space to rent out...Show me the money!- What is a vacation rental

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I wanna travel the world- What is a vacation rental-book2trip

Who doesn’t? Check out unique accommodations worldwide on the book2trip platform. No booking charges are guaranteed.

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