Dubai is the place where ancient and modern civilizations meet.

It’s the place where you can contemplate the architectural craftsmanship that leads to the large modern buildings and, 5 minutes later, you wonder in the side streets of the golden souk of Dubai.

Dubai is the main destination of MICE with modern meeting rooms and luxury business hotels were large multinationals and business travelers meet all over the world for chic exhibitions and lengthy negotiations.

However, Dubai is also a holiday destination for families with children who enjoy a week at Jebel Ali or the Sheraton Dubai Beach Resort.

It’s indeed an excellent travel destination for both tourists and business travelers.

Dubai has so much to offer in terms of activities, hotels, and infrastructure to name but a few.

Children love Dubai because there are so many activities organized every day in one of the hotels or at one of the tourist attractions, such as the wild water park.

Do not worry about mom and dad as they will have plenty of opportunities to be entertained at one of the many attractions or events organized daily.

The many Dubai travel companies organize a wide variety of activities that can snowboarding in the sand dunes or really striking the ski slopes in the new Dubai indoor ski lodge.

Dubai has reached the Valhalla status of tourist destinations.

It will be difficult to find a destination in the world that has seen strong growth in incomes and arrivals from tourism and Dubai has even become one of the global trends in tourism and tourism.

However, Dubai does not know the agility of a destination that can reach the top and the speed with which a destination can become unpopular among travelers and meeting planners.

Dubai continues to invest heavily in the Dubai tourism industry with many infrastructure spending, and a whole series of spectacular attractions in construction or under construction.

The underwater hotel to be opened soon is just one example of what Dubai planners do.

Continued investments by the authorities and the finance community should normally guarantee their position on the main travel destinations in the world, but there is another side to the success of Dubai.

More and more visitors are showing their disgust by the strong price hikes that hotels in Dubai seem to implement each season.

Dubai has never been a destination for budget travelers, but some hotels are starting to charge astronomical rates for their rooms.

its hotel’s owners should not become greedy and arrogant and pay themselves.

Many destinations in the past have seen this happen, which ultimately led to the popularity of these destinations rather quickly.

Neighboring countries like Oman and Qatar are seeing their popularity among international tourists growing rapidly and more and more hotels and other facilities are under construction although both countries already have a large number of first class hotels order.

The other Emirates, with which Dubai trains the United Arab Emirates, see their tourism industries grow at a maximum pace.

Abu Dhabi has a large number of hotels and world-class resorts and others are under contract. The most expensive hotel in the world ever built is actually the Emirates Palace which belongs to the Abu Dhabi government and is run by Kempinski.

There are more and more excellent alternatives in Dubai in the region and often at much lower prices so that decision-makers should very well consider this.

Dubai has concentrated all its energy and funds in the tourism industry.

The result is magnificent. However, as the oil supply is expected to dry up soon, this means that Dubai has put almost all their eggs in one basket.

Dubai will depend heavily on the hotel and tourism, which can lead to undesirable situations.

It’s unfortunately not located in a very stable part of the world.

Because of the constant problems that neighboring countries have with each other like Israel, Iraq, Iran, and Syria, it is difficult to predict the future.

Unfortunately, an event in a neighboring country can completely paralyze the tourist activity that would be disastrous for Dubai and its staff.

A good example of a destination that suffered deeply because it was only the tourism industry.