Today we bring you book2trip’s top ten vacation rentals in India as it’s time to take your well-deserved break and recharge for new days. With vacation homes in nature’s tranquil beauty, lively city center, and upscale suburbs, the options are endless.

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1. Private Room in a Fancy Villa- Jaipur

Private Room in a Fancy Villa- Jaipur_book2trip

Book up to four rooms and enjoy a family holiday in a homely, well-kept villa in Jaipur. A look outside the window at the lush green lawns and colorful flowering plants is a treat to the eyes in the morning. A stroll around the neighborhood in the afternoon is ideal for unplugging. And having a cup of tea delivered to your room in the evening is the perfect way to end your day!

Rate/night: 48 USD

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2. Dwarika Residency- Shimla

Dwarika Residency- Shimla_book2trip

There is something or two about this house that makes it stand out. One is the distinct architecture; the other is the natural spring bubbling up from an orchard feeding it with clean, fresh water! (Amazing, isn’t it?)

Guests spend their days soaking up the morning sun, partying, and nibbling on Indian and Chinese delicacies served with love (something you might want to try).

Rate/night: 350 USD

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3. Luxury Diamond Penthouse- Bangalore

Bangalore’s Luxury Diamond Penthouse_book2trip

With an open-air, garden-style dining room, this hip penthouse will make you feel at home, but with a sprinkle of sass! Spacious enough to sleep up to ten guests, you and your gang are guaranteed to have a blast!

And if you happen to be looking for a fancier or a less luxurious space, the owner will find you the perfect accommodation, for the options are plenty!

Rate/night: 175 USD

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4. Orange Guest House- Dharamkot

Orange Guest House- Dharamkot_book2trip

Orange Guest House offers spacious, fully-furnished deluxe rooms in what could be best described as the perfect spot. Surrounded by sprawling greenery and stunning scenery, you’ll have a lot on your plate that you won’t even need a T.V. in your room. And to help you make the most of your trip, the reception staff will give you recommendations on places to visit and help you set a perfect itinerary.

Rate/night: 10 USD

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5. Panoramic Farmhouse- Badamanavarthekaval

Amazing Two-bedroom Farmhouse- Badamanavarthekaval_book2trip

In this farmhouse, it’s just you, the green fields, and the blue sky above! Lying on your living room couch, taking in the panoramic view of the surroundings is a blissful experience, to say the least! Getting outside won’t be very much needed, though, except when taking a plunge in the private pool or throwing a barbeque party 🙂

Definitely, the perfect place to clear your mind and work on a creative project!

Rate/night: 350 USD

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6. Suman Cottage- Manali

Suman Cottage- Manali_book2trip

The moment you step into this cottage, you’ll feel welcomed. The floors, walls, and ceilings are all covered in wooden panels making it perfect for cozying up on a chilly day! The mountainous landscape and green hills are a whole different story, though. As their tops blend with the sky, you won’t help but stare into the picturesque.

At such an affordable nightly price, you’ll be tempted to book the whole place for yourself even though it accommodates up to sixteen guests!

Rate/night: 15 USD

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7. Hotel Kaithli Hills- Shimlas

Hotel Kaithli Hills- Shimla_book2trip

If you wish to disconnect from city buzz and tune into your inner self, a room in Hotel Kaithli Hills is calling you. Gazing at the serene view of the Himalayas visible from every corner of your room will inspire the poet within you (even if you’re not one)! Another sight is watching the Toy Train’s tracks meander through the high hills and valleys of pines and oaks.

A lot to do indeed just peeking out of the window!

Rate/night: 37.5 USD

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8. ‘Nature Retreat’ Villa- Bangalore

Bangalore’s ‘Nature Retreat’_book2trip

As the name suggests, ‘Nature Retreat’ offers its guests abundant beauty of Mother Nature making it the ideal getaway from hectic everyday life. Feeling the cool breeze of air, listening to the chirping birds sing, and breathing in the fragrance of wildflowers while sipping on a cup of tea on the terrace is how you’d spend a typical day there.

Don’t we all deserve a tranquil break in such a place?!

Rate/night: 300 USD

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9. Honey Villa- Vythiri

Honey Villa- Vythiri_book2trip

This modern, spacious villa in Vythiri is a combo of comfort, luxury, and uniqueness. Supplied with plenty of convenient amenities, it will have you feeling at home only with fewer chores to do 🙂  Don’t be surprised how spotless the place is, for the staff’s top priority is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. And at such an affordable nightly rate, waking up to a stunning view like this is priceless.

Rate/night: 80 USD

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10. Suryavilla Guesthouse- Jodhpur

Suryavilla Guesthouse- Jodhpur_book2trip

In Suryavilla Guesthouse, you’ll stay in the heart of the city, yet still, far enough from city hustle and bustle. You’ll create peace of mind as you gaze at the mountain view on the horizon. And when you feel like going out, Fort Jaswant Thada, Rao Jodha Park, Mandore Garden, and Balsamand Lake are all at a walking distance from your place!

Rate/night: 30 USD

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Now, tell us what place do you like best?