Travelling is one of the most outstanding experiences. It gives you the chance to observe the culture, history and food of different countries.

However, one of the main drawbacks about the travelling experience is that too many people dread the thought of having to exert so much effort into packing light and taking all the things they need without exceeding the baggage allowance.

As packing can be such a hassle, nearly two in three (65%) say not procrastinating on packing your bags would minimize stress.

Are you one of those people who packing feels like a chore to them? If yes, let us facilitate this process for you.

But before we talk about the various ways you can make the packing process easier, let us first go through the different types of travelling bags:

1-Lightweight Carry-Ons:

Most people try to fit in all their luggage into a carry-on. This is because you feel more secure knowing their bag is nearby and will be arriving to the destination with you.

Carry-ons must not exceed a specific size and weight based on the guidelines given by each airline.

The Rolling Suitcase

2-The Rolling Suitcase:

This type of bags is the most commonly used.

It allows you to fit in all your luggage and heavy belongings with ease.

Rolling Bags can be either two or four-wheeled based on your preferences.

You need to put in mind that rolling them along up stairs or through rough terrain may be extremely hard.

Lightweight Carry-Ons


Backpacks are the ultimate choice for those who live an active travel lifestyle.

Also if you are travelling for a short time period or when you only need few luggage with you, a backpack would be ideal.

Some people find it easier to carry their packs on their back instead of having to roll a bag behind them all the time.

However, the downside of this type of bags is that if you stuff it with a lot of things, it can harm your back and shoulders.

4-Travel packs:

Whether a backpack or a travel pack would be a more comfortable choice for you depends on where you are going.

Travel backpacks are perfect if you are planning to be on the go a lot.

duffel bag

5-The duffel bag:

Athletes and people who carry spot tools are the most common users of duffel bags.

They come in small and medium sizes so they can fit into an overhead compartment.

The problem with duffel bags is that they would not be your best choice in case of extended periods of transportation as they put a lot of weight on your arms and shoulders.

There are also rolling duffel bags which could be more convenient if you are concerned about the problem mentioned above.

The travel tote

6-The travel tote:

The advantage a travel tote has over any other tote is that it has both wheels and shoulder straps.

This is used only by women to carry their essentials like makeup, accessories and electronics.

If you are going to fit in all your clothes inside a travel tote, you will have to take only a very limited number and wear them over and over again.


7-The briefcase:

A briefcase is the number one choice for professionals as it allows them to carry important documents and protects them from crinkling while they are on business trips.

If you are travelling for work and need to have vital documents and files with you , a briefcase should be your ideal travel companion.

There are other types of bags such as: The Messenger BagThe Travel Laptop Case and The Rolling Backpack, but the previous 7 are the most widely used ones.

So based on what should you choose the type of bags you will be taking on your trip?

The first thing you should consider is the length of your journey because it will determine the number of outfits you need to carry with you and the essentials that need to be included in your bag.

Another factor is the type of accommodation. If you are going camping and you will be staying in a tent , you will definitely need to pack different things that you would if you are staying in a fancy hotel somewhere.

Are you travelling on a direct flight or are there multiple layovers? Will you take several buses /trains during your trip? You need to consider the mode of transportation, because it might be best to have a carry-on or a backpack that would fit in the compartments of all modes of transportation.

Finally and most importantly, the activities that you will do. If you are going to lay on the beach or go sightseeing, you will need luggage that will take less space than if you are going on a camping or mountain-climbing trip.

The part you dread the most is the packing process itself, but to make it easier, here are some ways to save space in your suitcase and pack lightly:

1-Don’t over-pack ! Travelers usually do this mistake because of the fear of forgetting something they need, but you will end up with a heavy luggage and things you will not use on your trip.

The best thing to do is to create a packing list with the essentials and tick off each item after you put in your bag.

2-Roll your clothes instead of folding them because this takes less space as folding creates creases.

Rolling allows you to fill in gaps between certain items to take full advantage of the space.

3-Don’t take more than 2 pairs of shoes because shoes take up a lot of space. You can preferably pick shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits.

4-Place roll up socks inside your shoes.

5-If your going to a destination that has cold weather, you can take only one jacket and change the outfit by taking different shawls and scarves which take less space than having several jackets.

6-Choose thin clothing over bulky items. You can also wear the most room-eating garments on the plane to save more space.

7-Remember you do not need to take an outfit for each day. You can wear the same jacket with a different top or use accessories to change your look.

8-Make use of every available space for example the overlooked outer pockets of your bag.

9-You can put your medications and beauty products in a Ziplock bag instead of their bulky packaging.

10-Make use of the extra space in your reading glasses or sunglasses cases to fit your ear buds, charger, headphones or other small items which would also make it easier to find them.

11-Stash footwear and other heavy items near the wheelbase to prevent the suitcase from tipping over.

12-A tip for men: if you are taking a belt with you, wrap it inside the collar of your shirt to save space and keep the collar stiff.

Additional packing tips:

Remember not to leave packing to the last minute, so you would not have to throw everything inside your bag all at once.

Do not take more things that you actually need and remember you can still whatever you need from your destination.

You should spend time preparing your packing list as it guarantees you will not forget to take all you need on your trip.

If you will be shopping on your journey, make sure there is still room in your bag for the stuff you will be buying.

Weigh your bag before you go to the airport to avoid paying heavy baggage fees.

On the top of your packing list should be your passport/visa , ID, cash and credit card, health insurance,hotel reservation information, transportation tickets and copies of all these in case you lose your wallet or forget it.

Put in mind that packing light will make your journey better for so many reasons:

  • It  would be easier to keep tabs on your belongings when you have fewer to manage.
  • It will enable you to move around easier and take your luggage with you on trains , buses and planes.
  • You will not worry about fitting the things you will buy on the trip into your bag.
  • If you are kind of person who takes everything out of their bag once they arrive to the hotel, this will make it easier to repack before your flight.

You do not have to dread packing anymore. All you need to do is plan what you are taking with you in advance, choose the right type of bag/bags you will rely on and follow these packing tips.

Travelling is all about enjoying every single moment and packing the right way can enhance your all over experience.

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