Honey Moon, the period of time spent by married couples after the wedding for one month.

The celebration is different from one country to another, despite the fact that the couple will be spending the rest of their life together, but the honeymoon has a special taste.

Beyond the Origin of Honeymoon Habit:

The origin of the word honeymoon is the Scandinavian countries which means anything happy.

The honeymoon story goes back to the groom kidnapping his bride and hide for a while and then return to complete the marriage ceremony.

After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom drink the wine with honey, which is called midd.

Planning Steps for a Perfect Honeymoon:

Planning Steps for a Perfect Honeymoon

To spend a special and enjoyable honeymoon and spend your happiness with your life partner, you need to plan it well.


You have to set a budget for your honeymoon from to decide where will it be and for how long, including the activities.

After talking to your partner and decide your destination, you can make use of the offers or discounts at where you heading.

Time and destinations:

After deciding the budget, now you need to decide the time spent on each of your destination and activities.

You might need to plan it wisely to get the most of it.

Featured Program:

After searching for places and setting a budget, place a special program by sharing with your partner.

Don’t put a crowded daily program, slow down with activities to enjoy it.

Mistakes Committed by Couples when Planning for Honeymoon:

  • Don’t repeat a honeymooned program that was done by another couple, as it be boring for you.
  • Don’t plan the whole program on your own, you might be missing some amazing ideas.
  • Don’t put up the plan at the last minute, rushing it can cause a mess

Tips for Enjoying Honeymoon:

Tips for Enjoying Honeymoon

  • Decide your destination wisely, and get a general idea about the weather there.
  • Understand the traditions of your selected destination.
  • Experience the new food and traditions of your destination.
  • Try to get the best deals for rent, and manage your expenses.

Places to Spend a Honeymoon in Egypt:

Places to spend a Honeymoon in Egypt

El Gouna:

Enjoy the amazing nature and the water sports.

Also the calm environment can relax your sole.


Located on the road of Nuweiba Taba and was named by its simplicity!

Makadi Bay:

Makadi Bay has clean water beaches and many shops for exclusive shopping and hotels.


The most beautiful city of good people with its warm atmosphere in the winter and it has many springs where tourists come from everywhere for healing, its location on the Nile makes it a witch that charms all who come to it.

That’s only to name a few, Egypt is full of beautiful places you can visi for honeymoon.

If you had an experience with your honeymoon or planning for one, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us.