Rio, short for Rio de Janeiro, is Brazil’s second most populous city. Known for its vibrant and cosmopolitan nature, you won’t help but embrace the culture in a matter of days. So better not resist it because we all know Brazilians were born to influence. When in Rio, it’s time to loosen up and get ready to mingle!  Let’s catch a glimpse of Rio de Janeiro.


1. The locals

Rio de Janeiro in a Glimpse-the locals-book2trip

The locals in Rio

Referred to as ‘Cariocas’, the locals of Rio are kind, pleasant, and will make you feel at home in an instant. You won’t find any trouble communicating with them and once they find out you’re not a local, they’ll ask you, “Where are you from?”

Cariocas love their friends and will keep the conversation going for hours!


2. The language

Rio de Janeiro in a Glimpse-the language-book2trip

Hello in Portuguese

Portuguese is the official language, but don’t freak out as many Cariocas speak English. If you speak Spanish, that would be a plus. If you speak none of those, you can always use hand gestures!


3. The subway

Rio de Janeiro in a Glimpse-the subway-book2trip

The subway in Rio

You’ll be grateful for the invention as Rio is considered one of the world’s busiest cities. But don’t get caught up going from one place to another and forget to walk around the city and breath in the colorful architecture (N.B. pack your camera first thing).


4. The food

Rio de Janeiro in a Glimpse-deep fried pastry-book2trip

Deep fried pastry

Most Brazilians don’t eat much for breakfast and save the heavy meals for lunch and dinner with family. They like their food clean, fresh, and healthy. If you’re into mixing things up, go for street food then. Barbecued meat, deep fried pastry, and cheese bread are a few among many you should try.


5. The beaches

Rio de Janeiro in a Glimpse-the beach-book2trip

Beach football

If you like sports, you’ll certainly love the sporty vibe of Rio de Janeiro. Being a coastal city, beach sports are very popular there. Football, volleyball, and football-volleyball (a blend of both) are everywhere on the beach beside Brazilian Martial Arts such as Capoeira and Jiu-Jitsu.


6. The Carnival in Rio

Rio de Janeiro in a Glimpse-Carnival in Rio-book2trip

Carnival in Rio

The world’s biggest carnival (music, dance, and parades)! Two million people attend the Carnival per day making it the world’s biggest, non-stop, weeklong party. People warm up weeks before it officially starts though, and you’ll certainly feel the fun-loving spirit in the air.


7. The murals

Rio de Janeiro in a Glimpse-the murals-book2trip

The Olympic Boulevard Mural

You’ll find many, but the most outstanding of all is the one in the Olympic Boulevard. A legacy of the 2016 games, the iconic imagery of the brightly painted mural pleases the eyes and nourishes the soul.

N.B. Murals are graffiti-like art but done with the permission of the property owner. 


8. The statue of Christ

Rio de Janeiro in a Glimpse-Statue of Christ-book2trip

The statue of Christ

Let alone being one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the statue takes aesthetics to a whole new level. From afar the statue looks like a cross in the sky. From up close, one feels humbled next to it. Designed with human proportions but of giant-sized man, the statue stands on the top of a very steep mountain (an engineering miracle)!


If you feel like experiencing life to the utmost, Rio it is then!

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