It is very important for owners who invest their property by renting or selling to take care of the interior design.

The tenants are mostly interested in the design and decoration of the apartment that they will be living in, especially the apartment that they can not change its design in the case of rent.

these guidelines will help you design your flat:

Walls Painting

1- Walls Painting

One of the most important things that give the attractive view of the apartment, you must choose the colors according to your needs and avoid the dark colors because it makes you feel like a small apartment.

Try to choose the colors that correspond to the furniture, so it is recommended to paint the apartment at last.


2- Curtains

Curtains can tremendously affect the apartment design.

You should choose curtains carefully, preferably lite colors for better lighting in the apartment.

There are also some luxurious curtains that give an attractive view such as Fabric curtains.

Lighting Bulbs

3- Lighting Bulbs

They have a great role in decorating the apartment, so you should be careful with the apartment’s lighting, better lighting means bigger apartment look.

The diversity of lighting colors makes the design more attractive.


4- Carpets

It is one of the most important elements of the apartment design.

As it occupies a large area of the floor, you must take care of their colors to suit the painting of walls and furniture.

An appropriate color diversity that suits the colors of walls and furniture can provide a wonderful design.

Drawings to attract attention.

5- Drawings to attract attention.

If you decide to paint the apartment or rooms in white, you should put some dark lines or some drawings that can add an attractive look to the room or the apartment.

Wallpaper for bathroom

6- Wallpaper for bathroom

The wallpaper for the bathroom can be a beautiful idea, there are many options for the colors and forms of wallpaper that you can choose from, which can suit the colors of the bathroom.

Organize the objects differently

7- Organize the objects differently

You can organize the room and take advantage of the empty spaces by adding some of the elegant souvenirs, but not much of antiques.

Also, you can put the lighting in a suitable way to organize the room for better design.

Furniture Cover

8- Furniture Cover

If you can not buy new furniture, you can take advantage of the old one.

All you need to do is to choose a good cover for your furniture that has a beautiful view.

When you cover the furniture with that cover, you change the design of the furniture as if you bought a new one.

Choose the best raw materials

9- Choose the best raw materials

When you are preparing the bedroom, the quality of the furniture must be good to ensure comfort.

Also, good furniture adds great value to the room beauty.

Magic Mirror

10- Magic Mirror

If your apartment doesn’t have enough space and you want to give the tenant a better feeling, you should put a large mirror along the wall and put it on the opposite wall too, which can give a feeling of a spacious flat.

To all tenants who are not allowed to change the designs of apartments they rent, these steps will help you change the design without violating the rules of the owners.


1- Wallpaper

You may find yourself as a tenant not allowed to change the wall patining which you might actually hate.

The good news is, here is a tip you can you use to change that.

There are many ways to deal with that, one of them is wallpaper, which can be found in different shapes and colors, you can add some form of personal photos or landscapes on the wall to make it more attractively designed too.

Light Switch

2- Light Switch

One of the problems you may face is the presence of light switches in the center of the wall but you can not change it.

Here’s the solution, It’s simple, you can put a set of beautiful wall gallery around the light switch that gives you a more beautiful view than before.


3- Fridge

You do not like the color of the white refrigerator and you want the fridge to be there for more than just cooling the food and drinks?

Here’s the solution, decorate them by placing adhesive strips horizontally the color you prefer which will give you a more attractive look than the typical plain white.


4- Lighting

One of the problems faced by tenants is the lighting bulbs, which is mostly outdated,  you can replace them with another more stylish but do not forget to bring them back before you leave the apartment.

Rust problem

5- Rust problem.

If you suffer from the rust problem in your kitchen, you can easily get rid of it with stainless steel contact sheets. It is very cheap, almost $5, so you can get better-looking equipment and work efficiently without damage.

The plants

6- The plants.

Add some of the plants in the decor of the apartment, it gives a wonderful view, in addition to cleaning out the air from pollution.


7- Shelves

You are tall and the number of shelves is not enough for all your purposes? you can add some of the shelves in a very easy way just need nails and boards of wood and then you can install them as you want

You can add more shelves in a very easy way, you just need nails and boards of wood and then you can install them as you want.


8- Curtains

It should be light colors to give good lighting in the apartment if it is placed on the sides of the window it gives a more attractive view too.

Unused Spaces

9- Unused Spaces

If you can not paint the walls or change the shape of the room you can make use of the unused space in the room between the windows or behind the door of the room.

Turn into something useful as a children’s office or other ideas that you can benefit from to improve the design of the room.

Door handle

10- Door handle

You can change it and add a new one to suit the door of your apartment, the new door color gives your house a better and attractive view.

Do not forget to install the old handle before you leave the apartment.