Spirituality, art, and blissful joy interweave in one spot; Bali. An island bearing a very different character from the rest of the country and a destination for whoever is in search of something hard to explain. Clearly one should visit Bali once in a lifetime at least, and to soak in the experience better do it in the summer. Read on to know 5 reasons to spend the summer in Bali.

  1. The sun, the sand, and the sea

1. surfing in Bali- 5 reasons to spend your summer in Bali

Surfing in Bali

The sunny months from July to September are best for visiting Bali. It may be hot for foreigners, but the humidity is low, so it’s not the bad kind of hot. Snow-white, sandy beaches extend around cliffs and dream-like, turquoise waters. Surfing, rafting, paragliding, diving, and kite surfing are some of the activities you may do in such a stunning beach picturesque. Beaches in Bukit and Nusa Dua in the South are good for lying idly on the shore. The waves are small and perfect for paddling 🙂 Uluwatu, Padang Padang, and Impossibles are most famous for surfing thanks to their high waves and strong tides. If you plan to indulge in surfing, best visit between the months of May and September.

  1. The kids can have fun too

2. Bali Equestrian Center- 5 reasons to spend your summer in Bali

Bali Equestrian Center

Bali isn’t an exclusive couple destination as widely propagated. Planning a holiday for your family in Bali is very doable. You may kick off your trip with a visit to Waterbom (Asia’s no. 1 water park). Being located in Kuta makes it very easy to reach. Toddlers will find age-appropriate slides, teenagers can try bungee jumping, while sideline watchers can chill in huts and watch the fun from under the shade. To teach your kids compassion while they still have fun, consider taking them to the Elephant Safari Park in Taro, Ubud. They’ll learn how to look after elephants, watch them graze through the fields, and see the only mammoth skeleton in Asia. When you’re done with elephants, it’s horse time. In the Bali Equestrian Center, you and your kids will learn horseback-riding and how to saddle and groom horses!

  1. The Julia Roberts spiritual quest

3. Julia Roberts cycling Eat Pray Love- 5 reasons to spend your summer in Bali

Julia Roberts cycling in Eat Pray Love

You must have seen Julia Robert’s Eat Pray Love (based on a true story and a bestseller memoir), or at least have heard of the hype the movie stirred a few years back. The story depicts one woman’s journey from the lowest form of despair to freedom and enlightenment. After doing all the eating in Italy and praying in India, Roberts headed to Ubud in Bali to wind down her quest for peace of mind. Ubud never became the same again ever since Robert’s scenes cycling through the rice fields. Tourists flooded the country town in hopes of finding self-realization. You may visit the film locations, or go on your path and create your own Eat Pray Love experience!

  1. The shopping sprees

4. Ubud Art Market- 5 reasons to spend your summer in Bali

Ubud Art Market

Be it fancy boutiques or busy local markets, you’re sure returning home with more luggage than what you came with. From department stores selling imported brands to shop fronts selling cheap souvenirs, you’ll find something to match your shopping style. To mingle with the locals and to learn more about the Balinese culture, you’ll need to head to the markets. The Sukawati Art Market is Bali’s most well-known artsy market where you can find traditional handmade products and gifts. Bargain-hunters love the place 🙂. To extend your shopping spree, take a cab to the nearby Ubud Art Market and you won’t be disappointed. They say the experience there goes beyond shopping. Markets are art displays rather than selling outlets. Strolling down the lanes and appreciating the handicrafts made by local villagers is an experience of its own.

  1. The culinary delights

5. Jaja Bali- 5 reasons to spend your summer in Bali

Jaja Bali

Indonesian street food (warung) is an adventure not to be missed. You’ll find street vendors everywhere selling Indonesian treats from their five-foot carts. Since we’re speaking of Bali in specific, trying original Balinese foods should be on your to-do list. Lawar is a traditional dish made of chicken, garlic, chili, and (you guessed it right! 🙂) chopped coconut! Another dish is Bebuk betutu which is made of duck stuffed with spices and wrapped in banana leaves and coconut husks. But the desert you cannot leave Bali without trying is Jaja Bali. The dish is composed of rice flour muffins with caramelized sugar and grated coconut, steamed banana with grated coconut, black rice pudding with coconut milk sauce, and crepes filled with sugar and coconut. (Yeah, the Balinese love their coconuts!)


Are you visiting Bali this summer? Let us know if you relate to any of the reasons above? 

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