Each month, hundreds of listings are added on book2trip leaving us at awe which is best? So, we decided to bring you our top listings every month. By the top, we don’t only mean luxurious…but rather different (good different), unconventional, and unique! To tell the truth, it wasn’t an easy job; however, we managed to select the July top 12 vacation rentals to book now on book2trip for you to have a look at.

Enjoy the ride!


1. 19th-century apartment villa – Campania, Italy

1. 19th-century apartment villa – Campania, Italy- July Top 12 Listings on book2trip

This apartment villa in Sorrento will take you back in time to the 1800s and fast forward to the future. The architecture speaks the 19th century, but the interior is futuristically convenient. You start your day by looking at the turquoise sea from an ancient brick balcony and wind down by a chromotherapy shower and an infrared sauna session!

You and your pet couldn’t ask for more 🙂

Rate/night: 397.8 USD


2. 80s style apartment– Da Nang, Vietnam

2. 80s style apartment– Da Nang, Vietnam

If you belong to the cassette generation, you’ll fall in love with this place. Styled in 80s wallpaper and furniture, this unique apartment will take you back to the good old days. For a 60 sq/m apartment, the place is surprisingly accommodating and with plenty of basic amenities provided, the nightly price is a real bargain. Overlooking My Khe Beach and a few minutes’ drive away from the cinema and plaza, you’re guaranteed to have a blast!

Rate/night: 45 USD


3. Treehouse– Central Province, Sri Lanka

3. Treehouse- Central Province, Sri Lanka- July Top 12 Listings on book2trip

This tree house in Kimbissa is the perfect way to connect with your inner self. It’s the perfect getaway from our crazy, materialistic everyday life. The kind of oneness you’ll feel with mother earth there will help you revive your soul and wash your worries away. In other words, if you’re seeking Zen, you’ve got to follow the footsteps of the masters; this tree house is ideal for you to immerse yourself in nature, live minimally, and meditate by the lake.

Rate/night: 25 USD


4. Tranquil, relaxing hideaway villa – Bali, Indonesia

4. Tranquil, relaxing hideaway villa – Bali, Indonesia- July Top 12 Listings on book2trip

Seclusion is every tranquility-lover dream. You’ll feel in your element in this villa surrounded by the greenery, palm trees, and hills on the horizon. Its private pool is more like taking a plunge in the wild. Add to that, kind little gestures like a complimentary fruit basket upon your arrival and daily afternoon snacks, such little details will make you feel at home. More services like local tours and candle-lit dinners are available at an extra charge.

It’s absolutely so hard not to get spoilt there 🙂

Rate/night: 352 USD


5. Splendid villa– Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco

5. Splendid villa- Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco- July Top 12 Listings on book2trip

This Moroccan-style villa is a blend of authenticity and modernity. Its traditional Moroccan architecture is so splendid that you’ll feel like a royal during your stay. Set on a hill and overlooking the countryside, it’s yet not far from the heart of the city; 15 minutes from Essaouira. Though you won’t feel like leaving the villa very often so that you don’t miss out on its private pool and outdoor Jacuzzi!

Rate/night: 490 USD


6. Handun Villas– Southern Province, Sri Lanka

6. Handun Villas- Southern Province, Sri Lanka- July Top 12 Listings on book2trip

Handun Villas lie on the stunning coastline of Sri Lanka. This 120-year-old colonial manor is the perfect spot if you’re seeking some peaceful time near the Talalla beach. It is surrounded by a lush, green coconut estate and an enchanting garden where you may monitor giant squirrels, monkeys, and peacocks. Singing birds will wake you up in the morning to have your delicious breakfast. Make sure to inquire about the tours Handun Villas organize; you’ll find the staff super friendly.

Rate/night: 850 USD


7. Campfire tent– Dhofar, Oman

7. Campfire tent- Dhofar, Oman- July Top 12 Listings on book2trip

Dhofar, Salalah is a top wild camping spot in Oman. Everything seems endless there from the white sand, blue sea, and the surrounding mighty mountains. It’s just you, a few more people and the exquisite beauty of nature. If you’re into swimming and mountain climbing, then you’ve found your perfect spot. And you’ll love how the sunrise and sunset give you a soulful experience that will be hard to rival!

Rate/night: 10.5 USD


8. Beachfront palace-like villa– Jalisco, Mexico

8. Beachfront palace-like villa- Jalisco, Mexico- July Top 12 Listings on book2trip

This three-story villa is the epitome of paradise. Magnificent and surreal to say the least. Such an architectural pearl nestled amid the lush tropical forest is the definition of true luxury. Accommodating up to fourteen guests, with all basic and extra amenities that may cross your mind, you’ll be provided with an unparalleled splendid experience. Time to sip on some pina colada with an umbrella straw! 🙂

Rate/night: 2500 USD


9. Acropolis view apartment – Athens, Greece

9. Acropolis view apartment – Athens, Greece- July Top 12 Listings on book2trip

Located in the heart of Athens in the historic Syntagma Square, this apartment is a real catch. You don’t wake up every day to see the Acropolis from your window 🙂 Plus, it’s strategically located in Ermou which is near everywhere; Athens National Garden, the old neighborhood of Plaka, Monastiraki square and its busy flea market, the trendy cafes of Thissio, the fun Psirri, & surely Acropolis. It’s your perfect match if you want to live like a local!

Rate/night: 93.6 USD


10. Duplex wooden house– North Governorate, Lebanon

10. Duplex wooden house- North governorate, Lebanon- July Top 12 Listings on book2trip

If you wish to unlock your creative side, this cottage/ hut-like duplex is your pick! It’s perfect for poets, artists, or those hoping to unleash their talents amid the breathtaking scenery of Qnat. The furniture is a mix of rustic and shabby chic that will give you a sense of calmness and coziness the moment you arrive. You’ll be delighted to know there’s a nearby ski resort so you may have some outdoor fun as well.

Rate/night: 300 USD


11. Perseverantia Exclusive Guest House– Eastern Cape, South Africa

11. Perseverantia Exclusive Guest House- Eastern Cape, South Africa

This guest house is a block away from Hobie Beach in Nelson Mandela Bay Port. The classy wooden furniture gives the place a distinct, aristocratic vibe. And with fancy amenities like the pool, barbeque, entertainment room, library, and gourmet dinners you will feel the more aristocratic:). Its superb location allows you to enjoy a stunning ocean view. And who knows, if you go there in the summer, you might catch a beach championship or festival!

Rate/night: 565 USD


12. Luxury Motor Yacht– Hurghada, Egypt

12. Luxury Motor Yacht- Hurghada, Egypt- July Top 12 Listings on book2trip

If you’re into aquatic sports and relaxation, go for Hurghada! You won’t run out of activities there; one of which is yachting. On this yacht, you’ll get some real pampering. You may go on a day cruise, enjoy the sun, drinks, snacks, and local cuisine meals, or you may stay for overnight too and enjoy the comfy, air-conditioned cabins and rooms. Booking the yacht for a several-day trip in the Red Sea along with diving, fishing, and snorkeling activities is available upon request.

Rate/night: 526.5 USD


Now tell us which place do you like best?