There’s more to South Africa than its exquisite nature and great history. A.k.a. (rainbow nation), South Africa is far richer than you may think it is. From world records to plentiful wealth, it is one country that is hard to rival.  Here are some interesting facts about South Africa or (The Land of Hope) you might not have known.


1. The Iconic Leader

The Iconic Leader Nelson Mandela-Interesting Facts about South Africa

Nelson Mandela

  • Nelson Mandela’s birth name isn’t Nelson. His teacher gave him the name Nelson on his first day of school because English colonials couldn’t pronounce African names! ‘Rolihlahla’ is his first name.


2. The Capitals

  • South Africa has three capitals; Cape Town (legislative), Pretoria (administrative), and Bloemfontein (judicial).


3. The People

  • Most South Africans are bilingual, and the country has the most official languages in the world (11 languages) among which is English.


  • Drivers use the left side of the road just as in the U.K. and Australia.


4. World Records

Table Mountain in Cape Town-Interesting Facts about South Africa

Table Mountain in Cape Town

  • Table Mountain in Cape Town is one of the world’s oldest mountains and one of the planet’s twelve energy centers, radiating magnetic and electric energy.


The Highest Bungee Jump-Interesting Facts about South Africa

The Highest Bungee Jump

  • The highest commercial bungee jump in the world at a height of 216 meters is in South Africa.


  • Despite Cape Town’s water crisis, South Africa’s tap water ranks the world’s third safest and the best ready to drink.


  • In South Africa, you can find the world’s largest elephant and eland, the tallest giraffe, the largest whale shark and turtle, and the fastest cheetah! It’s indeed a record-breaking spot!


  • Johannesburg is believed to be the biggest man-made forest on earth with over  10 million trees!


Cape Town Fifth Bluest Sky-Interesting Facts about South Africa

Cape Town Fifth Bluest Sky

  • Cape Town has the fifth-best blue sky in the world.


  • The world’s largest hotel is found in South Africa surrounded by a 25- hectare manmade jungle with around 2 million trees and plants.


Blyde River Canyon-Interesting Facts about South Africa

Blyde River Canyon

  • The world’s third largest green canyon is in South Africa and is named (the Blyde River Canyon).


5. The Wildlife

Boulders Beach-Interesting Facts about South Africa

Boulders Beach

  • You can swim with penguins at Boulders Beach on the Cape Peninsula near Cape Town.

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  • South African coastlines attract around 2000 marine species throughout the year.
Springbok-Interesting Facts about South Africa


  • South Africans treasure their Springboks (the only South African gazelle) that they took it as their national animal!


6. The Cradle of Mankind


  • The oldest bone remains of humans dating back 160,000 years ago were found in South Africa.
Old Cave Paintings-Interesting Facts about South Africa

Old Cave Paintings

  • 77,000 – year-old cave paintings were discovered in South Africa.


  • The Karoo region in South Africa is home to early Dinosaur fossils!


7. The Sleeper Train

The Sleeper Train-Interesting Facts about South Africa

The Sleeper Train

  • You may live like Royalty for 9 days and book a suite on a 5-star hotel train (the world’s most luxurious) in South Africa.


Are you planning on visiting South Africa anytime soon? If you are, you’re guaranteed a blast!

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