Who didn’t think of traveling abroad to another country, and learning about different cultures and civilizations?

Tourism has a great importance in entertainment and recreation of the psychological state of ours.

When we travel from one country to another, we get the ambition, passion and desire to explore other places, plus the curiosity and the spirit of adventure.

Tourism History in Egypt:

Tourism in Egypt has a very long history since the era of ancient Egyptians, where tourism developed in ancient Egyptians as intellectuals and clerics were interested in cultural tourism in Egypt.

Egypt was well known with its ancient monuments since the Pharaonic and Roman times.

Cultural tourism is very important in Egypt, where cultural events and tourist visits take place at certain periods of time.

Ancient monuments in Egypt are evidence of the exchange of visits between different civilizations at ancient times of Egypt and between other civilizations.

Egypt is characterized by many tourist attractions, and has many types of tourism.

It is characterized by a global reputation, and its cities are visited by many tourists from different nationalities around the world.

Egypt’s tourism infrastructure is based on the service for tourists from Hotels, resorts, tour operators and airline offices.

Tourism components in Egypt:

Types of tourism
Cultural tourism:

Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism is one of the oldest types of tourism in Egypt.

It is to learn about other cultures and to know the traditions and customs.

Egypt has many tourism effects that is represented great civilizations such as Pharaonic, Greek and Roman.

Cultural tourism is one of the most important factors in attracting tourists to Egypt since the discovery of Rosetta Stone and starting missions to explore many monuments and even cities.

The most important tourism cultural cities:


The province of Giza has a great importance in Egypt because of the pyramids, which has the entire world attention too.

The pyramids of Giza were built between 2480 and 2550 BC.

They were built in the form of royal tombs with each tomb bearing the name of its own king.

Pyramid of Khufu or the Great Pyramid.

This tomb was built for the ruler of the fourth family, King Khufu, who continued to work for 20 years using the most skilled workers in Egypt, it reached 148 meters and has made many myths about it already.

Some said, there are Giants or aliens have built it.

As the pyramid weighs the largest six million five hundred thousand tons of weight with each stone weights twelve tons, multiply that by a million and you the result is 14967000, which the distance between the earth and sun.

The orbit that passes the the center of the pyramid passes is dividing the earth into 2 equivalent divisions of continents.

Pyramid of Khafra:

The son of King Khufu and his pyramid was built less than the height of his father’s, where the height of 143 meters and an area of ​​215 meters

Pyramid of Menkera:

He is the son of King Khafra and his pyramid was built at a height of 65 meters.

Nile River:

It is the pulse of life in Egypt from the foot. Tourists love to get a tour of the immortal Nile because of its adventure.


Luxor Temple is located in the eastern bank of the Nile River and was built in 1400 BC by Amun Ra and his wife.

The temple was built during the reign of the 18th and 19th Dynasty kings

Religious tourism:

Religious Tourism

The religious tourism is important because of the many tourist attractions of the three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, it’s one of the oldest types of tourism in Egypt, which is rich in monuments that show Egypt’s greatness and glory.

Jewish monuments:

Mount Moses in Sinai and the synagogue of Meir Ghanaim in Maadi.

Christian monuments in Egypt:

Monastery of St. Catherine is one of the oldest monasteries in the world and is located in South Sinai near Mount Moses.

The Hanging Church and its location in the old district of Egypt. It was named after it because it was built on two towers of the old towers of the Roman Fort.

Islamic monuments:

  • The Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas is located in the city of Fustat and was called the mosque of conquest
  • El Sayeda Sakina Mosque
  • El Sayeda Aisha Mosque

Medical Tourism:

Medical tourism

Egypt is famous for many tourism destinations that tourists from around the world target for healing.

Sulfur eyes and silt, which contribute to the treatment of many diseases of rheumatism, skin diseases, diseases of the bone, digestive system diseases, and respiratory system.

The most important therapeutic areas in Egypt are the oases of the sea, the New Valley, Al-Kharja Helwan, Ain Al-Sira, Ain Sukhna, Hurghada, Fayoum, Western Desert Oasis, Wadi Al-Natroun, Aswan and Safaga.

Sports tourism:

Sports Tourism

One of the most important types of tourism in Egypt and tourism destinations, which has a very strong infrastructure for the existence of several water sports that Egypt is famous for.

Such as diving, fishing, skating, yachting, mountain climbing and international tournaments in red and white sea.

Our duty towards tourists in our country:

  •  The treatment of tourists in a sensitive and positive way which helps them if needed.
  •  Non-exploitation of tourists under any circumstances.
  •  Make sure the places that tourists visit are clean.
  •  Do not disturb and harass tourists.

Tourism Statistics in Egypt:

Tourism Statistics in Egypt

Tourism Statistics in Egypt

Financial Year2010/20112011/20122012/20132013/2014


Percentage of tourist visits to Egyptian cities and places

RegionLuxorGiza PyramidsAswanCairoEgyptian MuseumAlexandriaSouth of SinaiCoptic MuseumOthers


Percentage of tourists coming to Egypt

ContinentEurope75.0Europe 75.1Europe 75.9Europe 73.2Europe 73.0Europe 73.7
Middle East 13.1Middle East 12.5اMiddle East 12.0Middle East 15.4Middle East 17.0Middle East 15.8
Africa 3.1Africa 3.6Africa 3.3Africa 4.4Africa 3.7Africa 4.2
Asia 4.8Asia 4.5Asia 4.8Asia 3.9Asia 3.6Asia 3.5



The importance of tourism in Egypt:

Tourism is one of the most important sources of the national economy and foreign income, which helps in the construction of many facilities and infrastructure of the country.

  • providing many job opportunities where many sectors are working to serve tourists.
  • Exchange cultures and knowledge of Egyptian history and raise awareness about Egypt and its history
  • Increase awareness in terms of the environment and work to make places that tourists visit clean, so as to give a beautiful picture and impression of Egypt and its people
  • Tourism plays an important role in hosting many international activities and events that beautifies the image of Egypt and represents its image

If you have experience a way that can help Egypt attracting more visitors, then please share with us the most important ideas that contributed to increase the number of tourists.