Travel doesn’t require a ton of money as many might think. We all can afford a nice trip once in a while only if we spend wisely. In this article, we show you how to save money for travel as we believe by making some lifestyle changes, you’ll be able to save the cash you need for your dream vacation.

1) Cut back on fancy coffee

We know your favorite café makes the best coffee in town. You can still have a cup every now and then, but tea isn’t bad after all and you can still get your caffeine dose by brewing your own coffee. Right?!

2) Invest in a reusable water bottle

Be smart and refill your reusable bottle with filtered tap water.  First, it’s much healthier for you and the environment. Secondly, you’ll save on buying a ton of bottled water throughout the month.

3) Say yes to homemade food

If you eat out a lot, Google fun free stuff to do in your city. You’ll be amazed what non-food related activities there are. You may also learn to cook. That way, you’ll add to your set of skills and will save on meals and snacks you take to work.  

4) Stop buying snacks

Especially when you’re out and about. Always carry a homemade snack in your bag which will save both your health and wallet.

5) Declutter and sell unwanted stuff

We all throw away old stuff; things like CDs, DVDs, books, and clothing we no longer need. For a double benefit, have a garage sale to sell the unwanted stuff you’ve cleared out of your house.

The less you have, the freer you become.

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6) Smoke less

No preaching here, but you should know that the cash you save on 25 cigarette packs would cover your accommodation expenses in Rio de Janeiro for 5 days. Think of all the Samba you don’t want to miss out on!

7) Shop smart

Only buy items in clearance sales and discount seasons. No need to remind you to only buy necessities. Less is the new more, as they say. The less you own, the more you can travel.  

Tip: To shop wisely, make a list of the items you need to buy beforehand. And, yes, stick to it!

8) Ditch the cable and skip the cinema

Don’t get us wrong! We don’t mean you should cut entertainment. You can still watch rerun shows or online streaming of new ones, which is fun too. That way, you’ll be happy and so will your savings account.

9) Walk or take the bike

Lose the vehicle on most occasions if you can afford to reach destinations on foot or by bike. You’ll get in shape, restore your health, and will be surprised how much cash you’ve saved (a whole lot)!

10) Downsize your apartment

Move to a smaller, less expensive apartment. Sounds too much to ask?! Okay, look for a roommate and split the rent, utility expenses, and grocery costs (surely if you wish to).

11) Say no to new mobile phone

You don’t have to upgrade your mobile phone if you don’t need to. If you think about it, the mobile you have at the moment may probably survive a year or two before it goes dead for good. As agreed, you should only buy necessities.    

12) Pick a good travel credit card

Compare the packages of various credit cards and choose the one with the best benefits. Use the reward points for discounted flights and accommodation. You may save hundreds!

13) Start a dedicated travel fund

One, have your bank automatically transfer your savings to your travel account. Two, do not touch the cash you save and deposit it in your account; the earlier the better.

14) Get the best interest rate

Sharpen your accounting skills and look for banks that offer free checking and savings accounts. While doing your research, choose the one that offers the highest interest rate. Easy, isn’t it?

15) Earn extra money

Start a side job, work part-time, or begin accepting freelance offers besides whatever you do for a living. True travelers go the extra mile to make more cash. Babysit your neighbor’s kids, walk their dog, or mow their lawn. Just bring in the money!

We hope you found these tips helpful, and more importantly doable. The golden tip, however, is to keep your eyes on the prize which is in your case, travel. Remember, marathon runners don’t look down or back, otherwise, they’ll fall really bad.

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