Successful planning comes from different factors. There are common factors between many fields. One of the most important commonalities is planning where walking in a random way in life is counterproductive.

Failure in some cases does not exceed losing your time and money and there is a saying that says
“Failure in planning leads to planning to fail”

How to Plan for Success Prioritization :

Prioritization is in life in general, and in the daily routine in particular, there are several duties to be done.

There are lots of to-dos where we must know how to differentiate between what is important and what is necessary and urgent, that helps you to get things done faster and easier

Select your goal:

After we have prioritized and managed to create a table of the required tasks in orders of importance, let’s get to setting goals.

There are also conditions for the goal to be effective and true which is (specific – scalable – important – timed)

Your current situation:
Where do you put your foot now? This is what we mean by having a specific position from achieving your goal. Where do you stand and where do you want to go?


You need to put a long-term vision of the goal to be achieved, and what will be achieved after several years.

This map helps you to know the steps required and to achieve what you desire.

work plan:

After knowing the vision about the goal and the milestones to reach it, the steps that follow are defined.

This stage is defined and clear, with steps and tasks to be followed along the road.

Start planning a pleasant tourist trip.

start planning a pleasant tourist trip

I have heard a lot about travel ads, trips, holiday vacations and other ads that we see on a daily basis and are overpriced, which bring us to the following questions:

Why do you want to travel?

Are you looking for a fun time, entertainment, or culture and history which shows you that the beginning of planning for a travel should have a clear meaning and a specific goal, between the recognition of different cultures and civilizations, and the entertainment of enjoying the beautiful places.

Who will be with you while traveling?

If you travel with your friends, then it’s different from traveling with your family and also differ from traveling with the wife and children.

But the most important part is to have a schedule about the place of your travel and time you willing to spend, which makes it a beautiful addition to the time you will spend in your trip.

Next Trip Type:

After you have determined the parameters of your trip you must determine the type of flight

  • Cultural trips
  • Recreational trips
  • Religious trips
  • Beach trips
  • Meditation trips

Which seasons do you prefer?

It is meant by the seasons of travel in several aspects, including aspects in terms of weather and general climate.

some countries in some seasons, whether the winter temperatures reach below zero and some others with summer temperature up to 60.

There are some countries that have Specialized and different occasions as well.

Tips when traveling.

Tips When Traveling

  • stay flexible with different situations and it was expected that sometimes did not follow the required plan.
  • Learn common phrases in the country you traveling to.
  • Always stay alert and record everything in your memory as well as use the phone to get Pictures of the places.
  • will guide you to your place of residence or important places to go back without any obstacles or suffering from any problems.
  • Place your valuables in a safe place, and always make copies of your important papers with you.
  • Know the customs and traditions of the country you visit and respect it.
  • Leave a good impression of you and your country when talking to others.
  • Try some of the famous customs in the country you visit.
  • Ask for help when needed.
  • Write some local help words to help you when an emergency occurs.
  • Enjoy the spirit of adventure.
  • Participated in the local festival.
  • A smile, it’s one of the secrets of winning the hearts of others and winning new friends.

Second: the travel budget:

The Travel Budget

For good trip planning, there should be good budget planning to save money for the trip and enjoy all its aspects.

The first step:

Is to save money for the trip and this move varies from a person to another, but in general, there should be saving the necessary expenses for the trip.

The second step is to divide the budget according to your priorities.


Starting from the flight to public transportations, you have to think about how to save some money out of it, like taking the bus instead of paying for an expensive flight ticket.


This step should be in accordance with the study and research on the best places to stay in terms of safety, and also the best hotels, prices and how to rent rooms.


Prepare a budget for meals, especially if you want to eat outside.

Entertainment and Gifts:

There must be a budget for entertainment and purchase of gifts, keep in mind that each country has its own occasions that you can find places like museums with free entrance.

Travel Benefits:

  • Changing mood and temperament.
  • A state of relaxation and enjoyment.
  • Having the spirit of courage because of its gains from adventure travel.
  • Identify different cultures and civilizations.
  • Gaining new skills from dealing with different types of all nationalities.
  • Enjoy the spirit of tolerance and difference.

If you have experienced traveling abroad before, please share your thoughts and experience with us !