Travel is a freeing experience, only if done right. But if you choose to pack all your stuff along with you, then you’ve missed the whole point. In order to travel hard, you’ve got to pack smart. Let’s learn how to pack light.

Pack light_travel light_heavy bag_book2trip

Gigantic backpack

  1. Choose the right bag

The options are endless, but you’ve got to do your homework first.

  • Are you packing for a day or weekend trip?
  • Are you going to pack valuables?
  • Is your destination urban or rugged?

And probably the most important question of all ‘Will you use this every day?’


Pack light_travel light_backpack_book2trip


A backpack isn’t for everyone. It mostly suits minimal travelers who travel around, walk a lot, but don’t carry much. Valuables won’t be very much protected in a backpack though.

Rolling suitcase

Pack light_travel light_rolling suitcase_book2trip

Rolling suitcases

Most travelers opt for it because it’s roomy and it keeps belongings safe. It’s the best match for those typically staying in an urban place and won’t have to move around with their luggage.

Hybrid duffel bag

Pack light_travel light_hybrid duffel bag_book2trip

Hybrid duffel bag

Or in other words, when a backpack meets a rolling suitcase. It provides more room than a backpack and it’s easier to carry or wheel than a rolling suitcase. You could say it’s where two worlds meet.

  1. Roll, don’t fold
Pack light_travel light_rolling clothes_book2trip

Rolling clothes

It doesn’t necessarily save weight, but it saves time and space. Plus, you can use the extra room for the stuff you can’t live without.

  1. Downsize your wallet
Pack light_travel light_downsize your wallet_book2trip

George’s exploding wallet

It takes longer than you think it will, but you’d be amazed how much junk there is in it you’re carrying around. Throw away old receipts and cards you won’t be needing on your trip.

  1. Read books on your tablet
Pack light_travel light_read books on your tablet_book2trip

Tablet reader apps

Lose the chunky paperbacks and multitask on your tablet. For Android and iOs users, reader apps such as Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle, Nook, and Kobo will do the job.

  1. Pack travel-sized toiletries
How to Pack Light and Travel Right_Travel Sized Toiletries_ book2trip

Travel-sized toiletries

Most probably you won’t consume full-sized toiletries throughout your trip. In case you will, you can always buy at your location. You won’t believe how lighter your bag will become.


At the end of the day, it’s just a trip. It’s not like it’s the end of the world and you’re saving stuff for the apocalypse. Think of yourself as an adventurous traveler not an over-packing tourist. The lighter you pack, the more fun you’ll have.

Still don’t know how to pack light for your trip? Learn more here.