Getting more bookings is every book2trip host’s dream. It may not be easy to keep your property booked in off-seasons. And rental market stagnation would sometimes affect your income like you wouldn’t believe. The following 15 tips, however, will show you how to increase your bookings on book2trip by applying very simple, doable techniques.


1. Fill out your profile

Your profile may be more important than what you think. Guests are often very curious to know whose place they’ll be staying at. And just like in social networking sites, a complete profile helps you be perceived as more friendly and approachable.


2. Choose the right profile photo

Hosts who put a smiling picture get more bookings than those who don’t (true story). It should neither be a business headshot nor should it be taken from afar. Just make sure it is clear and taken in the daytime. Potential guests are entitled to see who you are.


3. Get verified

Verifying your phone, email, and ID are the best proof you’re taking hosting on book2trip seriously. It ensures accountability and builds trust among the book2trip community.


4. Connect your social media accounts

As you may know, guests screen hosts as well as listings. Your social media presence helps potential guests know who you really are and connecting your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts surely gives you more credibility.  


5. Build a complete listing

Fill in all the required information. Try not to skip optional fields and if you can’t do it all at once, you may get back later to edit your listing details and complete all the steps. Just bear in mind you should always…always be honest.


6. Set a competitive price

Review the prices offered for similar listings in your neighborhood and nearby areas, then beat that basic price fairly. You may increase cleaning and additional guest fees later to partially make up for the basic price reduction. Also, when bookings get slow, consider lowering the price for some time until things get better.


7. Take high-quality photos

Photos are the first thing potential guests look at when considering a listing. Clean your space, use camera angles, highlight your unique amenities, and take photos outside as well. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, hiring a professional photographer, or at least taking professional-like photos will certainly add the posh you need for your listing.


8. Be flexible

Accept 1-night stays and short notice periods before guests arrive (only if you can afford it). And if you don’t mind, make your house rules as loose as you’d be willing to accommodate even if only for the first few bookings.


9. Invest in basic amenities

Paying a few bucks for an iron or a hair-dryer is a good idea. The more ticked amenities you have, the more accommodating your place will be and the higher reviews you will get. Such small details make a big difference when it comes to reviewing hosts.  


10. Avoid frequent cancellations

No need to elaborate on this one. Cancelling confirmed reservations should only happen in extreme circumstances.


11. Update your calendar

To avoid cancellations and subsequently poor reviews, regularly update your available and blocked dates.


12. Reply promptly

Aside from making a good impression and showing you’re an active host, replying as quickly as possible increases your likings of getting booked.

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13. Get more views

You can’t do much about it, but you can ask your family and friends to view your listing. Your listing’s chances of appearing on top results will eventually increase.


 14. Promote your listing

Tweet your listing, Google+ it, or share it on your timeline on Facebook. To spread the word, ask your friends to retweet and share your listing. If you can spare some cash, a low-budget campaign on Google or Facebook may make a noticeable impact on your booking requests.  


15. Be a good host

You become a good host by getting positive reviews. Providing accurate information, a clean, tidy space, and a smooth check-in in addition to maintaining effective communication with guests are all factors that contribute to earning 5-star reviews and consequently becoming a good host.

For guidelines for hosting on book2trip, click here.


We’d love to hear what you think of this compiled list. If you have more helpful tips for new hosts, kindly share them in the comments section down below.