I remember growing up as a kid and counting down the last days of school until summer holidays!

I loved summer vacation, it was a time to go to the beach and swim all day long, play in the sand, go bike riding, rollerblading, playing cricket at the park and staying outside playing till late as the sunset.

However, times have changed today, with the increase of technology in our fast-paced society.

Many kids are more likely to want to hang out at home and play indoors with their computer or watch TV.

Whilst these activities may be fun, it is also important that kids spend time during the summer holidays having fun outside with their friends being active.

Sun care reminder:

It does get hot in the summer, so when your kids are going outside they need to wear a hat and sunscreen.

It is also important that they stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

A good idea is to have a water bottle with their favorite cartoon character on it (filled with water) which they can carry around with them especially when they go outdoors to play.

Here are some Fun Holiday’s Activities kids can play this summer!

Sports and Games:

Backyard cricket, beach volleyball, handball, shooting hoops in a basketball ring, bike riding, swimming at the pool or beach, surfing, snorkeling, bowling, skateboarding, Frisbee, tip, ball games, kite flying.

Join together:

Get together with another family and enjoy games and a picnic at the park.

Bring along some tennis balls and a cricket bat and have a game of cricket or play a game of mini-Olympics.

Join together and form countries in your teams and choose different sports or events you like from the Olympics such as athletics – shot put (use a tennis ball instead of a real shot put), discus (use a Frisbee instead of a real discus), relays (run from one spot to another and tip the next person in line).

Join a local kids club or sports camp:

Kids Club and Sports Camps are great for kids during the school holiday period, as they interact socially with other children and learn a variety of different activities and skills.

When selecting a sports camp to ensure to select a sport that your child is interested in, so they will be excited about attending the camp.

Also, there are ways you can make it to make your kids happy

Kid’s moms up and down the country will look for inexpensive and fun ways to entertain the kids.

Our top ten activities below include things to do inside when the skies open and a number of activities to do outside when the sun shines.

Cultivate a monster with a grass head.

It is a slightly more sinister version than a normal grass head. You will need to; A foot of pantyhose, sawdust, grass seed, an elastic, a jar of yogurt and lots of stick on the eyes and teeth.

Fill the foot of your pantyhose with the seeds of grasses.

Then add the sawdust until you have reached the required size to fit perfectly into your yogurt pot.

Secure with an elastic band. Place the head in the yogurt pot with the grass at the top. Place on as many eyes and teeth as you can use in the space provided.

Put some water in the jar of yogurt and keep it. You can of course decorate the jar of yogurt for his body.

For a good twist, cultivate a grass head instead of a grass head, at least you can use the herbs when cooking!

Musical Dress Up.

This game can be hilarious.

First, you should visit a charity store and buy a lot of really garnished or old clothes.

The bigger the better.

Put them in a pile in the middle of the room.

Choose a garment.

Start the music.

When the music stops, the person holding the item must turn it on.

This works especially well if you get hats, scarves, dresses of old women, etc.

The winner is the person who carries the largest amount of clothing.

Be careful when they are warm because they will wear a lot of clothing.

Make the salt paste.

The salt paste is much more fun than playing the dough! You will need basic ingredients and equipment that you probably have in the cabinets of your kitchen.

You will need for the recipe; 2 cups of plain flour, 1 cup of table salt, 1 cup of water, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon of paper paste (optional – gives more elasticity) and 1 teaspoon Soup of lemon juice.

Mix all the ingredients together, adding the water slowly.

You can do any number of projects using salt dough, but a particular favorite is the decoration of Christmas trees.

Simply put a hole in your object and when it is dry, thread a ribbon through it. Models of salt paste can take about 3-4 hours to dry in a very low oven (below gas mark 1) or about 4 days in the air.

Once dried, they can be painted and varnished to extend their life. If modeling with young children, it is best to drop the wallpaper paste in case they eat the dough.

Play Chase the Balloon.

It’s more fun than more people are involved.

You will need to; 2 balloons per person, a few ropes and a lot of energy.

Lift a lot of balloons.

Tie a chain around each balloon, then tie one to each ankle of each person.

Each person must then try to burst someone else’s ball using his feet.

This game is great for a laugh and strips them.

Make sure children wear non-slip shoes.

Play What am I?

This can be suitable for older or younger children so that everyone can play.

You will need animal game cards (or make your own) and a bit of sellotape.

You need at least 2 people.

Each person chooses a card.

Then choose an opponent and paste the card on the forehead (pay attention to their hair) so that everyone can see the card accept your opponent.

Your opponent must determine which animal is asking “yes” or “no” questions such as “Do I live in the jungle?”.

This game can be used with other types of cards, you can make letters or numbers or colors. This can be educational and fun.

Go pond Dipping.

What does the child not want to disturb outside and get his hands dirty? Make sure children are dressed in old clothes and wear coaches in case the edge of the pond is slippery.

You will need a fishing net (small), a container (white is best to see insects, etc. clearly), a tea filter (to sieve their results) and a magnifying glass to get a very Good close-up of the beasts! Make sure children wash their hands afterward.

Go Crabbing.

From the adult’s point of view, this seems to be a total waste of time, but children love it.

You will need to; A bucket, a cord (the length depends on the depth of the water), a weight and some baits that could be uncooked bacon bark or raw meat.

Fill your bucket with sea water.

Simply attach the weight and the bait to the rope and feed it into the water, so everything goes to the base. T

Then, wait, and wait.

Children love this activity because there is the anticipation of catching, the danger of manipulating this vicious beast and then studying the beast after capture.

Be sure to keep the water in the fresh bucket and then return the locust beans to their natural environment.

Go on an adventure.

From time to time, National Express coaches offer coaches for a £ 1 per trip.

You can choose a city from their list of destinations, discover what is available in this city and make a day trip. The trip is much cheaper than if you had to pay for gas.

The coach trip will be part of the day because it is much more fun to go in the car. It’s also less fun for mom and dad than any driving is involved.

Day Out at the Beach.

There is no simpler fun than going to the beach with your baby.

Pack a picnic, a bucket, a spade and a sunscreen and you leave.

In general, you will find many other children on the beach and Mom might even have the chance to relax.

Visit an active farm.

Many work farms are now open to the public for a nominal fee. This can be so much fun.

Pack a picnic and enjoy the outdoors. Children can learn all about agriculture, feed lambs, take tractor rides and milk cows.

The key to surviving the summer vacation must be prepared whatever the weather.

Be sure to chat with local moms and organize game dates and gather ideas.

A child will not remember that their home was impeccable when they were younger, but they will remember to have fun with family and friends the following days.