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Interesting facts about South Africa

July 10th, 2018|Tourism|

There’s more to South Africa than its exquisite nature and great history. A.k.a. (rainbow nation), South Africa is far richer than you may think it is. From world records to plentiful wealth, it is one country that is hard to rival.  Here are some interesting facts about South Africa or (The Land of Hope) you might [...]

  • 5 fun things to do in Sri Lanka- book2trip

5 fun things to do in Sri Lanka

July 8th, 2018|Tourism|

Sri Lanka is a Southern Eastern island country formerly named Ceylon! (Rings a bell?). Often referred to as the (Pearl of the Indian Ocean), its wide sandy beaches attract millions of tourists every year. We won’t be speaking beaches here (or at least we’ll try to). We’d rather talk picturesque scenery and captivating ancient ruins [...]

  • What is a vacation rental-book2trip

What is a vacation rental? Q&A

July 3rd, 2018|Tourism|

Vacation rentals have become the real deal. If you're asking "What is a vacation rental?" and you’re into traveling, or making extra income, or both, keep on reading to know the answer to the million dollar question! Just to be clear, vacation rentals aren’t hotels. We’re all familiar with hotels’ luxuries and services. But how [...]

  • 5 Cheap Luxury Honeymoon Destinations- book2trip

5 Cheap Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

June 28th, 2018|Tourism|

Your honeymoon doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg to be unforgettable. You can still find relatively cheap honeymoon destinations that will make you feel rich without you ruining your budget. Have a look at the following affordable honeymoon destinations and let us know what you think. Thailand Two elephants in Thailand [...]

  • Facts about Niagara Falls-book2trip

15 Fun Facts about Niagara Falls

June 25th, 2018|Tourism|

The history of Niagara Falls dates back to the Ice Age (12,300 years ago) when streams of melting ice drained into a river known today as the Niagara River. Aside from the breathtaking beauty of Niagara Falls, there is still a lot you may not know about. Here are 15 fun facts about Niagara Falls that will [...]

  • Rio de Janeiro in a Glimpse-book2trip

Rio de Janeiro in a Glimpse | book2trip

June 12th, 2018|Tourism|

Rio, short for Rio de Janeiro, is Brazil’s second most populous city. Known for its vibrant and cosmopolitan nature, you won’t help but embrace the culture in a matter of days. So better not resist it because we all know Brazilians were born to influence. When in Rio, it’s time to loosen up and get ready [...]

  • Malaysia

Tourism in Malaysia

March 14th, 2018|Tourism|

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country, well- known for its beaches, spellbinding islands, national parks and rainforests. “Malaysia is ranked 9th in the world for tourist arrivals. In 2014, according to statistics, Malaysia had 22.9 million visitors and this number keeps growing over the years. The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is the biggest and [...]

  • Spain

Tourism in Spain

March 5th, 2018|Tourism|

Spain is a glamorous, diverse country with so much to offer to its visitors from history, entertainment, nature, food and an overall exceptional experience. Spain ranked third in the countries with the most international tourist arrivals with 75.6 million arrivals in 2016. Tourists arriving in Spain increased to 10.51 million foreign visitors in 2017. The [...]

  • Balkan Countries

What are the Balkan countries?

February 12th, 2018|Tourism|

If you are a traveling to visit historical and tourist attractions around the world, the Balkan is one of the sweetest choices regarding history, archaeology and climate. What are the Balkans? A geographical and cultural area in the southern part of the continent of Europe, which is located in the eastern part of the Italian [...]

  • The Magical Canary Islands

The Magical Canary Islands

January 30th, 2018|Tourism|

Canary Islands is one of the wonderful islands in Spain. If you love the sea and nature, you will be captivated by the charm of nature and you will enjoy the sea where you can dive at the amazing islands, or take sunbathing and stroll through the beautiful resorts. Location of the Islands It is [...]

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