Staggering scenery, wildlife, and temples probably are the first things that come to mind when you hear the word Thailand. Surely, you’ll want to do the touristy stuff, but why keep the crazy side locked inside a box? That’s why we thought of bringing you 9 out of the box things to do in Thailand because life is too short, so we all better live it to the fullest!


1. Visit Bangkok’s Forensic Museum

1- Visit Bangkok’s Forensic Museum- 9 out of the box things to do in Thailand- book2trip

It’s certainly not your typical kind of museum (not anyone’s, to be honest). You won’t find any ancient artifacts on display there, but rather preserved dead bodies, skeletons, and parasites. Bodies of dead babies with genetic abnormalities, body parts, and bodies of adult victims of accidents are kept in formaldehyde jars and booths. One of the dead bodies displayed is of a famous madman who was charged with eating kids’ livers back in the 1950s!

Taking creep up to a whole new level, huh?!


2. Eat Insects

2- Eat Insects- 9 out of the box things to do in Thailand- book2trip


Ditch your potato chips bag, and get munching and crunching on insects! You’ll find bug carts everywhere as snacking on insects is believed to be an excellent source of protein. The Thai deep fry their insects till they become very crispy then add a generous pinch of salt on top of the pile. When you select your portion, the vendor will spray a little soy sauce and black pepper on top.

Grasshoppers, water bugs, crickets, and bamboo and silkworms are the most popular there. Do you have the guts to try any?


3. Buy Harem Pants

3- Buy Harem Pants- 9 out of the box things to do in Thailand- book2trip


These bohemian, hippy pants have been the new thing for some time. They’re comfier than jeans and are worn by men and women alike. You won’t have trouble finding good ones, but you may find it difficult to choose from the various attractive colors and patterns. If you’re not a fashionista, people will think you’re one in these pants. And you know, it’s all about attitude and in these pants, you’ll give off an irresistible stylish vibe!


4. Learn Muay Thai

4- Learn Muay Thai- 9 out of the box things to do in Thailand- book2trip


Pick up a few moves in the land where it all originated. You may not be necessarily seeking a career in martial arts, but still, you need a couple of self-defense moves at hand. One never knows when they might need to use them. Boxing schools are everywhere, both in the city and on beaches, and they’re pretty inexpensive. Plus, you can always brag about how you were taught Muay Thai by Thai masters 🙂


5. Rent a Motorbike

5- Rent a Motorbike- 9 out of the box things to do in Thailand- book2trip


All you’ve got to have is an international driving license (to drive legally) and some motor riding experience. With your passport, contact information, license, and 15 bucks top, you may rent a motorbike for the day. Just make sure to wear a helmet and protective clothing to be safe and do your best to avoid tuk-tuks.  Now you can ride around Thailand like a local and breathe in its intoxicating fresh air.


6. Climb Sathorn Unique Tower

6- Climb Sathorn Unique Tower- 9 out of the box things to do in Thailand- book2trip


This abandoned skyscraper was built in the 90s, but the building process was halted up until today due to the financial crisis at the time. The building is officially closed and is not a tourist spot. But many go there hoping to make it to the top (49 stories) and to take in the stunning view of Bangkok from up above. Others, though, go there for the ghosts! Yup 🙂 The building is said to be haunted! Good luck with that!


7. Have a Water Fight

7- Have a Water Fight - 9 out of the box things to do in Thailand- book2trip


That’s one fun mess of a festival you don’t want to miss. The Thai people believe that water is spiritually purifying. It washes away sadness and the bad luck of the year before and blesses the person with a new year full of happiness and joy. At first, it started off as a ritual of sprinkling water on families and the elderly, but now it has become more of a jovial event. If you don’t want to get wet, better not step out of your door!  


8. Take a cooking class

8- Take a cooking class- 9 out of the box things to do in Thailand- book2trip


Even if you’re a terrible cook, you can still work your way through this crash course. A half-day course in any of the cooking schools in Thailand will guarantee you prepare 3-4 edible Thai dishes while still having fun. You’ll start off the day by going to the market and learning about the ingredients, and then get back to begin the actual food preparation. It’s absolutely rewarding when you end up the day by a Thai lunch fixed by yourself and your friends!


9. Stay inside a Giant Fruit

9- Stay inside a Giant Fruit- 9 out of the box things to do in Thailand-book2trip


Banphasawan is a Thai resort where you can spend the night in a giant, fruit-shaped room! The resort is on the borders with Myanmar with no amenities except the fruit-shaped lodgings and the growing produce of rare fruits. It’s very famous for growing (durian) which tastes beautiful, but smells like a dead body! Luckily, the resort is also home to exotic flowers from around the world. Could it be to cover up the stinky smell?

Now that you’ve read the whole list? Which do you think is the craziest?

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