Greece has always been there since the beginning of time. That’s why you won’t fall short of things to do there; be it typical or out of the box. In this article, we bring you 7 unusual things to do in Greece and believe it or not, Santorini isn’t one of them!

1. Explore Melissani Cave

Melissani Cave- 7 unusual things to do in Greece- book2trip

Melissani Cave

Melissani Cave in Kefalonia Island is surreal; plain and simple. The crystal-clear water of the lake makes boats appear to be floating on air! And to say the least, visiting the cave on a sunny morning makes the trip very close to, if not perfect! First, you have to go some steps down to enter the tunnel leading to the cave. Try to be there before noon as it gets crowded at this time of the day. As you walk on, you’d be delighted to see light at the end of the tunnel (pun intended 🙂 ). Small row boats will be waiting to take you on a 10-min trip through heaven!

That is one experience so much more than the ticket price (7 euros/ticket).

2. Attend Patras Carnival

Patras Carnival- 7 unusual things to do in Greece- book2trip

Patras Carnival

The Carnival of Patras is Greece’s largest celebration and one of the biggest in Europe. Being held for over 180 years now gives you an idea of how important it is to Greeks. The festival begins every year on January 17 and lasts for 40 days till the Greek-Orthodox Easter. Throughout the event, Patras becomes a city of color and entertainment. The overwhelming stream of people and parades can be too much for introverts, but the craziness will certainly appeal to partiers. We advise you to brush up on your dancing skills as you’ll be doing lots of it during the carnival!

3. Climb Mount Olympus

Hiking Mt. Olympus- 7 unusual things to do in Greece- book2trip

Mt. Olympus

Mountain climbers and Greek myth geeks will find this one exciting. Making it to the top of Greece’s highest mountain and the place where the twelve Olympian gods resided is no worldly experience. The journey will take you around two days or a tad more if you’re no fitness freak. There’s no need for a guide either. All you have to do is get a map, read the signs, and bear the crowded mountain refuges where you’ll be crashing for the night. Don’t take it too lightly, however, as some have lost their lives on their way up. Wear heavy clothes to protect you from the cold even in the mornings.

4. Shop at Monastiraki Flea Market

Monastiraki Flea Market- 7 unusual things to do in Greece- book2trip

Monastiraki Flea Market

Once upon a time, Monastiraki was a flea market. Now it’s full of tourist shops and stalls that sell everything as fake and genuine as it gets. From real handmade jewelry to fake ones. From furniture, pottery items, sculptures, to cheaper souvenirs made in China that you’ll like a lot if you’re on a tight-budget. The earlier you start your tour, the better as the market gets very busy after 11 am. Antique collectors will have a blast there as well. If you’re one, you’ll have to dig for the treasures, or simply visit on Sundays when shops close and street vendors sell all that you can think of from genuine antiques to vintage vinyl and old CDs.

It’s the place where authenticity and fakeness combine!

5. Bungee Jump in Corinth Canal

Bungee Jump in Corinth Canal- 7 unusual things to do in Greece- book2trip

Bungee Jump in Corinth Canal

This man-built canal is simply a marvel to look at. If you’re going from Athens to Corinth or Mycenae, you’ll enjoy the boat ride for this short trip. With a width so narrow (25 meters), you’ll feel the majestic earth cliffs on both sides extraordinarily sky-high. Once you reach the bridge over the canal, that’s a whole different story. This bungee site accommodates bungee jumpers of all levels. As you jump off the bridge, you feel as if you could touch the canals’ walls and plunge into a strip of emerald blue water.

May to September is the best bungee jumping season and Zulu Bungy team will help you make your jump safe and sound 🙂

6. Visit Sparta’s Museum of Olive Oil

Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil- 7 unusual things to do in Greece- book2trip

Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil

Surely, it sounds boring, but you have to hear the positive accounts of those who visited the place.  It’ll only take you an hour to tour the whole thing, so no need to panic. And for 3 euros per ticket, it’s worth every penny. Information on the history of olive oil production and the development of ancient machinery is very well-displayed. The boards describing the models are very easy to read and the videos are well executed. You don’t have to know everything about olive and olive oil industry, but since you’ve made it to Sparta anyway, it won’t hurt to learn something or two about Greek’s pride.

7. Hang out in Exarcheia

Hang out in Exarcheia- 7 unusual things to do in Greece- book2trip

Exarcheia neighborhood

Once a home for rebellions and protestors, Exarcheia now is where artists and creative minds meet to discuss controversies with like-minded people. Cafes and restaurants there serve baked goodies and local dishes making it all the easier for you to spend the whole day in the neighborhood. Wandering around the streets and visiting creative spaces and art galleries guarantees you refresh your spirit. Even if you’re not an artistic type of person, you can still admire graffiti and wall art. If you still got money left, you may do some shopping at thrift stores, music shops, and second-hand bookstores.

Now you’ve known what a soft-hearted, tough-spirited person like yourself could do in Greece.

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