Malaysia is diverse in every sense of the word which makes it all the more difficult to narrow down your destinations. To help you sort out this dilemma, we bring you the 7 top tourist attractions in Malaysia and we try to be as diverse as the country is.


1. Langkawi Sky Cab (Langkawi)

1- Langkawi Sky Cab- 7 Top Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

Langkawi Sky Cab

If you haven’t heard of Langkawi (Malaysia’s most popular beaches), you’ve been living under a rock. This chain of islands with long, white beaches and jungle-covered mountains are a must-see. If you don’t mind heights, you’ll appreciate the panoramic view in a Sky Cab from up above (especially on non-foggy days). The route starts off from Teluk Barau all the way to the peak of Gunung Machinchang. The journey isn’t too long; only 2.2 km from the base to the top and it takes around 15 minutes. It might seem like a short trip, but the peaceful view is worth it. Just make sure to go there early on a weekday to avoid long queues.

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2. Putra Mosque (Putrajaya)

2- Putra mosque- 7 Top Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

Putra mosque

Although it’s relatively new (built in 1997) and not the biggest, it has become the main mosque in Putrajaya. The mosque is like a pink pearl on a lakeshore creating a visually appealing color contrast. The architectural design is inspired by the medieval Sheikh Omar mosque in Baghdad and the modern King Hassan II mosque in Casablanca that just seeing it from the outside is worth the trip. It accommodates 15,000 worshippers and isn’t open to tourists in prayer time. Other than that, tourists are welcome and if you’re not wearing a headscarf you’ll be given a hoodie so you can enter the mosque. You’ll enjoy taking pictures of the mosque and beautiful surroundings and having a nice meal at a nearby restaurant.


3. Kinabatangan River (Sungai Kinabatangan)

3- Kinabatangan River- 7 Top Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

Kinabatangan River

The second longest in Malaysia and one that provides an unforgettable wildlife experience. Going on a river tour expedition in the Kinabatangan River is like stepping into a whole new world. You’ll be a few meters away from monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, civet cats, and birds; watching them all doing their thing. Even if you’re doing the tour at night, you’ll be able to spot many nocturnal animals in addition to peculiar insects and bugs! You just got to have the right guide to show you around and even better pick you up from your lodging as reaching the river isn’t an easy job.  Many recommend Mr. Aji’s tours for a professional, thorough, and fun expedition.

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4. Petronas Twin Towers (Kuala Lumpur)

4- Petronas Twin Towers- 7 Top Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers

The tallest twin towers in the world and once the tallest buildings. From the inside and outside they look amazing, but at night, with all the lighting and city bustle, they look super amazing. Even in the rain, they still look magnificent! Tickets are a bit pricey ($80) for an hour tour, but try to book them online as they sell out really quickly. You’ll be asked to leave your belongings in a locker. Don’t freak out, though, as you can still take your phone and camera along with you to take as many pictures and selfies as you wish. The 360-degree view from the observation deck is spectacular and you’re guaranteed to have loads of fun. Make sure not to miss the water show!

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5. Bukit Bintang (Kuala Lumpur)

5- Bukit Bintang- 7 Top Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

Bukit Bintang

It’s Kuala Lumpur’s fashion, culinary, and entertainment center; kind of a mix between trendy and authentic. Try going there after the Petronas Twin Towers tour as it’s only a 30-min walk away from the towers. With ample restaurants, coffee shops, and stalls, you’ll find no trouble grabbing a bite. But for you to try genuine local dishes for cheap prices, head to Jalan Alor street. You’ll get to taste dishes most fancy restaurants don’t serve; barbequed meats, noodles, and desserts. And if you haven’t shopped till you dropped yet, you can still head to Pavilion KL, Starhill Gallery, or Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall. You’ll surely like the atmosphere there.

Bukit Bintang is the heart of the city so don’t miss out on the fun!


6. Kek Lok Si Temples (Penang)

6- Kek Lok Si Temples- 7 Top Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

Kek Lok Si Temples

The  Temples are one of the most important in Southeast Asia despite being relatively new (dates back to 1891). They’re the largest in Malaysia and have been a destination for pilgrims from around the world. Comprising a number of monasteries, prayer halls, and gardens, you’ll have a lot on your plate to explore. The Pagoda, officially known as Ban Po Thar, stands out from the rest. Interestingly, the design is a blend of cultures as the base was built in the Chinese style, the center is Thai, and the top is Burmese. From below, the pagoda doesn’t look so high, but when you climb the seven stories, you’ll feel that it’s high enough to provide a beautiful view. And you’ll finally know why it’s also known as the Temple of (Supreme Bliss).


7. Mulu Caves (Borneo)

7- Mulu Caves- 7 Top Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

Mulu Caves

The caves are in the UNESCO Mulu Park. Some go there for the exotic rainforest and wildlife. If you’re one of those and if you’re lucky, you may catch the sight of millions of small bats emerging in a ribbon-like stream from out the cave. Such a humbling view! But there’s more to do there besides bat-watching. The Botanical Walk will enrich your knowledge of vegetation, the Night Walk will help you know more about insects, and the walk in the caves will certainly sharpen your caving skills. If you’re not short of breath after all that walking, you may head to the Ba’Desai waterfall. The trip is tiring, to say the least, but worth the pain for nature-lovers. The waterfall may not be the grandest, but it’s rarely visited and is kept untouched to this day. You’ll have the best tranquil moment of your trip.

Now that you have a few reasons to visit Malaysia, let us know when you’ll be taking off! 🙂

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