The following classification isn’t based on science and is meant for fun purposes only 🙂  Here are 6 types of travelers- Which one are you?


1. The hard-to-please

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So, you’ve been everywhere… done it all…seen it all… You’ve seen the world upside down and inside out, but nothing impresses you anymore. Lazing on white sand gazing at crystal-clear water no longer interests you … Even Everest’s peak has become so yesterday…

No shame, my friend, but you’ve righteously earned yourself the hard-to-please traveler title!


2. The Zen

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The entire universe is inside you…You’re divinely connected right where you are, but the more you explore, the stronger the bond gets. People fascinate you as you only see the good in them! And the more you’re exposed to cultural differences, the more you become accepting of everything.

You’ve come a long way…done the inner work… and found your Inner Self.  

Congrats, for travel has opened both your mind and heart!


3. The runaway

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“I want to break free” is your mantra! The familiar doesn’t do it for you anymore. You’re fleeing routine, anxiety, sadness, and fear. You’ve tried sorting things out where you are, but nothing worked so far. Changing places is your final option, so you think why not give it a go. We hate to rain on your parade, but it seldom works!

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, anyway!


4. The bragger

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You enjoy the experience and for you travel is surely fun.  But your ulterior motive is to have a good story to tell your gang when you’re back and to take awesome pictures to share on your profiles (no judging here, well… okay, a little bit 🙂 ).

Anyway, to each their own, and since you’ve joined the travel-tribe, you’re practically one of us. Even though we think you’re awesome and don’t need to impress anyone!


5. The work, work, work, work, work

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And by that, we don’t mean born-lucky travel bloggers, but those shipped by their corporates to sign agreements and seal deals. If you belong to the latter, you’re juggling motion sickness and jet lags for a living. Sadly, you don’t have time to pack your bags in between trips, and when someone asks you about a country you’ve been to, your answer comes off as if you’ve never left town!


6. The old-school

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You go by the book… You book a holiday tour…Stick to the itinerary…Listen attentively to your guide, buy souvenirs, take pictures, and back to your room. Or possibly do typical beach stuff which is okay too as long as you’re enjoying your time!

Beautifully put by Emerson, “To be yourself in a world that’s constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”, you deserve an applause for doing it your way! Bravo!


No hard feelings, right? What type are you?


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