For some, the holiday season is all about shoveling snow and cozying up under a warm blanket wearing a new pair of gift socks. If you’re one of those, don’t feel ashamed, but know that isn’t the case everywhere. We thought you’d want to try something different this year; a kind of a sunny, summer-like end of the year holiday, so we brought you 5 warm Christmas destinations that may not be your usual pick.

1. Australia


It’s summertime in the southern hemisphere! Don’t be surprised if you find Australians building sandmen instead of snowmen, in the holiday season, and hitting the beaches instead of ski resorts!

To say Syndey’s Christmas light shows are the best worldwide isn’t an understatement. Neighborhoodscompete to see which has the prettiest light displays, the biggest Christmas tree, and the most impressive carol singing.

For a celebration with a touch of sophistication, the Sydney Opera House is your call. From contemporary music to shows for the little ones, you will hardly run out of Christmas fun. But you better prepare yourself for the holiday spirit, for Aussies take their Christmas celebrations a bit too seriously.  

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2. Morocco


Not a destination that pops into your mind when you think of “Christmas”, but don’t rush to judgment! Morocco caters for hardcore holidaymakers as well as those who want to get away from it all. Bigger cities like Rabat, Marrakech, and Fez feel Christmassy thanks to the many foreign expats living there. Head to souks, malls, and restaurants to get a taste of Christmas with a Moroccan flavor.

Smaller cities will suit you best, however, if you want to escape Christmas and experience an exotic-filled holiday. Coastal cities like Agadir, Mirleft, and Dakhla offer you the calm and quiet you’re seeking. Mountain villages such as Imlil, Okaimden, and Ifrane are perfect for mountain skiing but with less holiday fuss!

It’s your call at the end of the day.

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3. Colombia


Colombian Christmas has a special South American feel to it that could be summed up in two words; fun and authentic. The celebrations kick off in November and extend to January, for Colombians treasure their holiday traditions. Eating deserts like “natillas” and “buñuelos” is one, attending Christmas light shows accompanied by “porro” music in the background while dancing to the rhythm is another, and wrapping it up with massive fireworks (not always safe) is how Colombians like to do it.

A special Christmas destination is the Colombian historical city, Cartagena. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the ancient buildings and streets look super amazing decorated with lights. N.B. The weather is hot during the holiday season there, so make sure to stay hydrated.

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4. Thailand


When you pick Thailand for a Christmas destination, expect a “live like a local” holiday experience. Instead of your regular Christmas pumpkin, you’ll be having Pad Phuk Tong (Thai stir-fried pumpkin)! And instead of digging your heels in the snow, you’ll be slipping into a pair of slippers to bask in the sun on Thai beaches.

Shopping inThailand is a thrill. Whether you’re staying in Bangkok or a smaller village, prices are generally cheaper and you’ll save a ton on your Christmas gifts.  Plus, you’ll be bringing your friends something unique and real.

In Bangkok, you’ll feel a western Christmas vibe like the one you left back home. If you miss your town, the warm smile of the Thai people will soon embrace you with love and care!

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5. Cyprus


Though being geographically located in Europe, Cyprus has a very distinct approach to Christmas unlike that of its neighboring countries. You’ll surely have a better experience if you have Cypriot friends whom you could share the experience with.

Here’s why…Cypriots appreciate their warm Christmas and keep the celebrations on till late hours. They aim at having a good time and exercising moderation in every aspect of life. To them, Christmas isn’t about excess eating or spending (though a well-set Christmas dinner table is a must), but rather about valuing life.

Hopefully, you have fun bonding with your new Cypriot family 🙂

If that’s not interesting enough for you, you can embark on adventures on your own. Sailing, snorkeling, and bungee jumping, to name a few. And if you’re a history geek, you’ll find plenty of ancient relics to admire!

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Where are you spending the holiday season this year?