Your honeymoon doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg to be unforgettable. You can still find relatively cheap honeymoon destinations that will make you feel rich without you ruining your budget. Have a look at the following affordable honeymoon destinations and let us know what you think.

  1. Thailand


Two elephants in Thailand

It’s been very popular with honeymooners. Why‘s that? Perhaps because in Thailand there’s something for everyone. If you’re the lazy type (no judging here), you’ll still find a lot to do. From spa treatments for couples to sipping your favorite drink over rooftop restaurants, or simply lying down on the beach; in Thailand, you’ll happily embrace the lazy in you.

If you’re the outdoor, active type, you may choose from a wide array of fun and engaging activities. Water sports and mountain biking abound. You may see elephants in the wild and take pictures of them (we know you want to). Though we advise not to ride them for ethical and safety reasons.

Price cue: a three-course meal for two costs less than 350 EGP.


  1. Cyprus

Petra tou Romiou-book2trip

Petra tou Romiou in Cyprus

It’s the place where history, mythology, and beautiful scenery meet. From the Cyprus museum to the ruins of St. Hilarion Castle, you’ll positively have fun and learn something or two along the way.

You may surprise the Mrs. with a trip to Petra tou Romiou; the point where Aphrodite (the goddess of love and beauty) began her life in Cyprus emerging from sea foam. The legend says that whosoever woman swims out to the farthest rock three times shall be blessed with fertility and eternal youth.

Yeah, you’re welcome!

It’s not permitted to climb the rock though (not even honeymooners).

Price cue: two tickets to the theater (best available seats) cost less than 590 EGP.


  1. Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche-book2trip

Skiing in San Carlos de Bariloche

Argentina, Argentum, or ‘the land of silver’ will amaze you as long as you don’t mind the expensive flight tickets (assuming you’re taking off from the Arab world). In Argentina, you’ll find genuine Latin spirit and tango. Don’t be surprised if you pass by a group of people dancing on a street corner for no particular reason. That’s how they do it over there, so you better join them.

San Carlos de Bariloche is one Argentinian city named ‘the Swiss village of Argentina’. Its landscape and scenery are enchanting and perfect for romantic honeymoon ambiance. Surrounded by mountains, lakes, and greenery, the picturesque is perfect for outdoor activities as well. Skiing is very popular in winter months there so you may want to give it a try.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to visit a Switzerland with a Latin flavor?

Price cue: groceries for two that would last a couple of days cost less than 400 EGP.


  1. Morocco


Chefchaouen in Morocco

It’s hard to choose which city(ies) to visit in Morocco, but no matter what you choose you’ll experience something different (good different). The colorful energy of busy cities like Marrakech and Casablanca will certainly fill you with vigor. Apart from the amazing, ancient architecture, the locals are very kind and welcoming, so expect to make some new friends. Watch out though, because it’s so hard to not go on a shopping spree.

However, if you’re seeking a calm, quiet place, Chefchaouen is your spot. Much like Greece’s Santorini (minus the sea), Chefchaouen’s blue-painted houses, greenery, and mountains will make you feel you’re in blue heaven! Plus, your honeymoon pictures will be gorgeous.

Price cue:  a taxi one-hour waiting costs less than 60 EGP.


  1. Cambodia

Khmer dance-book2trip

Khmer dance in Cambodia

Though located in South East Asia, Cambodia is an underrated honeymoon destination. You might be familiar with Angkor Wat; the largest religious monument and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Yet, there’s more to Cambodia than Angkor Wat. You can rent a shorefront bungalow and enjoy the white-powder sand in the Koh Rong Island in absolute privacy. The perfect way to relax with your spouse, isn’t it?

To liven up your trip, you can go on a bicycle sight-seeing tour, watch the traditional Khmer dance, or go cruising. If you’re a fan of dolphins (who isn’t?), you can cruise the Mekong on a traditional Cambodian boat and watch the smiling Irrawaddy dolphins (sadly on the brink of extinction). Did you know dolphins are said to bring good luck?

Price cue: a three-day pass for two to Angkor Wat costs less than 1,315 EGP.


Congratulations on tying the knot and surviving your wedding expenses. Now it’s time to make your honeymoon memorable without you hurting your wallet anymore!

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