Ramadan is the month Muslims eagerly await every year. Some see it as an opportunity to recharge their spiritual batteries and wind down a bit. Others who are a tad more adventurous choose to travel in the holy month. For them, Ramadan is a journey of the body, mind, and soul.

Here are four unusual Ramadan destinations that will awaken your spirit and will make your Ramadan more memorable.

1. Maldives

Maldives-Unusual Ramadan Destinations-book2trip

Eid celebrations in the Maldives

Ramadan and the Maldives is one blend of faith, culture, and breathtaking nature. Locally known as ‘Roadha Mas’, the holy month is celebrated by the people with heartwarming gatherings and tropical foods.

Relatives, neighbors, and friends prepare home-made dishes and get together to have their last meal before beginning the month of Ramadan (how sweet is that?).

However, if you wish to upscale the festive vibe, you can always wait till Eid al-Fitr holidays to watch street parades and shows. And don’t forget to have some mango, papaya, and banana during your stay! Those are must-try!

2. Spain

Spain-Unusual Ramadan Destinations-book2trip

Cordoba, Spain

Yes, you read it right! Spain. It is said to be very accommodating of all religions. Often described as a European, halal-friendly getaway, in Spain, you can find all you’re looking for in Ramadan.

Multiple restaurants and hotels serve halal dishes, most airports have prayer rooms, and there are more than 250 mosques and Islamic religious centers across the country. You won’t feel lost over there.

Of course, you cannot be in Spain and not visit the Great Mosque of Cordoba; once the second largest mosque and the most dazzling Islamic monument in the West.

Imagine having a Ramadan in Al-Andalus (definitely something you don’t hear of very often!).

3. Brunei

Brunei-Unusual Ramadan Destinations-book2trip

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

The peaceful, spectacular greenery of Brunei will let you experience the spirituality of Ramadan double fold. Those seeking some quiet, calm time away from city noise will be grateful to have picked such destination.

The people there are very friendly. They will take offense if they see you walking in the sun and you refuse their offer to give you a drive (true story).

Before iftar, you’ll find tourists and locals alike headed to Ramadan markets to grab a bite at the various food stalls there. Imagine tasting Chinese, Indian, and Malay delicacies all in one spot. You’ll be glad to know that food is very cheap in Brunei so you may save on some money to do some touristy stuff and buy some souvenirs!

4. Singapore

Singapore-Unusual Ramadan Destinations-book2trip

Food festival in Singapore

Home to ten religions, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Ramadan is widely celebrated in Singapore. From tasty foods and outings to light display markets, you won’t run out of fun. To give you a heads up, street decorations are taken very seriously over there!

The ‘Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar’ is a night-market event you don’t want to miss. In the bazaar, traditional Muslim dishes are served with a modern flair and twist. You simply can’t try all the delights sold at the food stalls there at once though. Better know that you’ll need to go more than once to try everything.

P.S. the edible balloons are filled with helium!

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