The countdown is on and all (or most) of us are thrilled to say goodbye to an old year. You’ve probably written down a list of the things you want to do in the new months to come. To add to your list, and to help you with your goal-setting, here are 15 easy New Year’s travel resolutions we hope you find worth a try.

1. I will get off the couch

Apparently, what now is known as ‘staycationing’ or spending the vacation staying home doesn’t count as traveling. For you to travel, you’ll have to get up and get going.

2. I will travel more

That’s why you’re reading this article. You, like everybody else, want to tick the cities you long to visit off your list. Just do it.

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3. I will lose the weight

We’re speaking emotional baggage here; the negative thoughts holding you back from realizing your travel goals. Overcome your fears of not being able to make it on your own abroad. If millions of people have done it, you too have a shot at making it!  

4. I will not pack my wardrobe

Who needs the weight and charge of extra luggage? Travel is supposed to be a freeing experience and excess baggage will only weigh you down. Only pack the necessary items you absolutely can’t live without. And the more you travel, the more packing experience you’ll acquire along the way.

For tips on how to pack light, click here.

5. I will improve my photography skills

Imagine you’re back from your trip realizing your photos are all messed up?  You may take a photography class or do some self-study to sharpen your photography skills. Bottom line is, put in the effort to capture your precious moments!

I will improve my photography skills_15 Easy New Year Travel Resolution

6. But I will not waste the whole time taking pictures

Your ultimate goal is to T-R-A-V-E-L, unless you’re a travel photographer and you make a living off of taking photos. Don’t lose the purpose of your trip. As endearing as a photo could be, reality beats it a thousand times (always keep that in mind).

7. I will learn basic lingo

Part because it’s cool and the locals will appreciate the effort, but most importantly because you’ll need it 🙂 Basic phrases of greetings and asking for directions will save your day.

You might also want to get an idea of the words you shouldn’t be saying in public just so you don’t offend anyone unintentionally 🙂

8. I will tour my country first

Mostly because it’s cheaper, though many think of it as a prep step before they leap into international travel. After all, travel is travel. If you do your research properly, you’re guaranteed to find an endless list of local places to visit.

9.  I will try volunteer travel

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s for those who seek to add meaning to their travels. You interact with the locals, see the real, non-touristy side of a country, and above all contribute to humanity. All that while saving on travel expenses!

10. I will learn something new

When visiting a new country, picking up a new habit or skill is easier than usual. You may find yourself eating fruit covered in chili like Mexicans do, or picking up one of South Africa’s eleven official languages! All you’ve got to do is be open to new experiences.

11. I will visit more than the big sites

You can’t be in Rome and not visit the Colosseum (obviously)! But did you know you could also visit the place where Julius Caesar was killed? It’s the “Largo di Torre Argentina Square”. There, you’ll find beautiful, ancient ruins in addition to a cat shelter with a ton of well-cared-for cats to pet and play with!

Bizarre, right? 🙂

largoditorreargentina_15 Easy New Year Travel Resolutions

12. I will revisit my favorite places

There’s no shame in that. If it makes you happy, go for it. Surprisingly, each time you revisit a place, you’ll notice something new about it.

Here’s a fun fact for you: if you spend eight hours a day in the Louvre looking at each object for only sixty seconds, you’ll need seventy-five days to tour the whole museum!

Some places are worth revisiting, that’s for sure.

13. I will respect cultures different from my own

You may observe, judge, or even feel repulsed by some customs and traditions, but expressing your disgust is a big NO NO. Remember that cultural diversity is part of human nature, otherwise, people would have been one race all living in one country.

14. I will have fun

Spend smart because overspending will bring you down (something we can all agree on 🙂 ).

Spend less time on technology and take the time to appreciate the experience.

And most importantly, don’t lose your mojo when traveling. You’ll need your charm and cheerfulness to enjoy the ride and make new friends.

15. I will not feel guilty for not sticking to my travel resolution list

If you don’t achieve all or any of the goals, don’t torture yourself. You still have many years to come. In fact, you can start at the very moment you decide you want to proceed with your resolutions.

Time is an illusion; focus on the now!

It’s your turn now to share your travel resolutions. Are you inspired by any of the above ideas?

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