Travelling is one of the most beautiful hobbies that people love, which just can’t be denied.

But what is the reason why people love to travel? Is it like a free time and there is nothing to occupy their time?

It’s a very useful hobby and has several benefits as the ancients said that traveling has 7 benefits due to the experience they been through and things they saw during their journeys, but not only 7 benefits, it’s actually 10!

People interested in traveling mostly have a great knowledge about people, customs, traditions, geography, and climate.

Here are the main 10 benefits your will gain among other wide range of what you with get from traveling:

1- Knowledge:

increase your knowledge

Before traveling to any country, you want to know its geographical location, climate, culture, language, and currency, using maps and GPS to figure most of that out.

and also read about the local’s culture and also know the climate and weather.

Study the destination well before hitting the road, also must convert your travel’s budget to its currency.


2- Curiosity:

be curious

Travel, transportation, immigration, and other travel related activities were part of the history of the ancients.

As it was exciting to learn about other countries.

We typically can find the history of wars and invasions that were conducted by our ancestors.

All this curiosity was to find out what is behind the mountains and rivers?

Also to learn about other cultures and civilizations to deal with them.

So traveling has this nature of the human interest that drives him to search and deepen in various things.


3- Daring:


People who are passionate about traveling and love it have the courage gained from it.

As it encourages daring, acquaintance and dealing with people you do not know.

You will not only meet the people of the country you travel to, there are countries that have many other nationalities other its own.

You also meet visitors like you from everywhere in the world.

This allows you to meet and deal with various nationalities and sects from everywhere in the world.

This allows you to gain the greatest experience you can get in dealing with multiple cultures and to see the customs and traditions of the people, of course, the useful and harmful and this makes you distinct and adds a lot to you.

And also exposure to difficult situations during traveling and overcome them, which gives you the courage to break the problems and solve them without fear.

4- Communication:


Where the traveling increase ability to contact with people, sure you saw people from all over the world from the East and West and I knew many of them and became more confused in dealing with all kinds of people.

With repeated traveling, you find that contact with people is much easier where you meet many people and contact with them so repeated traveling makes you less confused and when you meet new people, you find them as friends and not strangers.


5- New hobby:

new hobby

Travel makes you open doors to new places you have not visited before.

Which makes you very happy when booking your trip and very excited to know these places, the customs, and traditions of its people.

You are more excited to know a lot about other people, how to think,  how to deal, what are the interests of these people, what is the excellence of those people’s achievements and scientific progress and benefit from all these developments which add a lot to you

Become excited to travel as if you are excited to watch a football match or any other hobby.


6- Vaccinations:


When you travel to a certain country, you are required to go through medical tests or to take vaccinations that prevent you from infection in the new countries where you will be traveling to.

And when you return home you find yourself safer than your neighbors who did not take vaccinations because they do not like to travel.


7- Bagging:


Travelling will make you more professional in bagging.

As you travel many times and moving a lot makes you discover that the heavy bag is really exhausting.

With a lot of traveling, you will dispense things of less value and also reduce the items in the bag until you reach the ideal bag to take all the necessities only while maintaining a lightweight bag.


8- Endurance:


Many people are intimidated by riding planes or ships, and tired of varying air pressure in the plane, sea dizziness or walking on unpaved roads.

All this with repeated traveling teaches you how not to overrate things and also Get used to these situations if you face another tough one.


9- Self-independence:

self independence

Travelling is the most important practice to depend on yourself.

It pushes you hard to cook, wash your clothes, clean your place, and prepare food all on your own.

There is no one to help you if you get tired, caught flu or whatever situation you might go through, you are taking care of yourself and this is what you will do when you return from your journey.

This builds your self-reliance, which is one of the strengths that tremendously affects your personality.


10- Saving money:

saving money

One of the important points is your ability to save money and to make the best of it to enjoy your journey at the lowest cost possible.

You are excited to see more cultures than the architectural designs of the most beautiful cities and museums that describe the country’s civilization.

Which requires you to save money for different situations and this is what you should learn from traveling, how to save money while getting the most benefits from it.

All the travel costs must be covered by the money you have, so you can discover what priorities you should do first.

It makes you think about how to save money in terms of looking for low cost or cheap accommodation.

Walk more than taking the transportation and this makes you more manageable in saving money which is also a good addition to your personality.