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room for rent in Gigantes Island Carles - Philippines

5 زائر
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5 الأسّرة
1 ليله

عن الوحدة

Our brand is a symbol of our family unity and joy. Here in Gigantes Island Bakasyonista, you are no less than our family members because we would like your stay to be memorable. We have built an unrivaled depth of reliability, trust and connection with our guests – a connection we will steadfastly uphold, now and always. We want your vacation to be perfect although time may change. Our authentic and elegant surrounding embodies a home away from your home. This is the place where you can make your life’s history, touch lives, inspire others and go back time and time again.


تحت إدارة: المالك

الزائرون: 5

نوع الوحدة: غرفة

غرف النوم: 1

نوع الغرفة: غرفة خاصة

الأسّرة: 5

الحمامات: 1

الحد الأدنى للإقامة: 1 ليله

أسرّة النوم

3 سرير مزدوج
2 سرير أريكة


ملاحظة! للتكبير أو التصغير، اضغط على الخريطة.

المضيف : joseph rivera

أرسل رسالة

محل الإقامة: Philippines

اللغات التي يتحدث بها : الإنجليزية

معدل الرد : N/A

البلد : Philippines


قواعد المنزل

ملائم للأطفال (2-12 سنة)

ملائم للرُضع (أقل من سنتين)

تسجيل الوصول في أي ساعة بعد الـ 02:00 مساءً و المغادرة في 12:00 مساءً

قواعد إضافية

We also offer tour packages You may customize your Gigantes Island experience. The itinerary may change from time to time depending on the weather condition since there are some islands that cannot be visited if the sea condition is unfavorable so expect that we will not be able to follow the itinerary. The captain of the boat and/or the tour operator has the right to cancel or terminate the contract even though you are already in the island if there is any unusual behavior including but not limited to unreasonable complain/remarks that can cause delay to our tour. Always respect the locals.

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منزل · 4 غرف · 10 زائرون
58.5 USD في الليلة
منزل · 1 غرفة · 4 زائرون
100 USD في الليلة

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