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Penthouse for rent in Playa del Carmen - Mexico

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The Elements PH10 is a perfect ocean front/beach front vacation rentals in Playa del Carmen. Looking for a fabulous, bright and warm beach location? Unique and relaxing holidays with luxury? The best way to describe this condo came from a review we received: “Fantastic! Our experience at The Elements was amazing. The condo was beautiful, view was spectacular, pool and private beach was gorgeous! The condo itself was clean, well kept and had everything we needed. We hope to come back soon!!!”


تحت إدارة: الوسيط

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نوع الوحدة: روف

غرف النوم: 3

نوع الغرفة: المكان بالكامل

الأسّرة: 4

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المضيف : GoVacation Maya

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محل الإقامة: Playa del Carmen,México

اللغات التي يتحدث بها : الإنجليزية , الإيطالية , الإسبانية

معدل الرد : N/A

البلد : Mexico


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تسجيل الوصول في أي ساعة بعد الـ 02:00 مساءً و المغادرة في 12:00 مساءً

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Includes: - The best Service in Vacation Rentals in Playa del Carmen!!! - Concierge Service - 20 lts. of purified water - 30 kwh of Electricity per day (GOVACATIONMAYA.COM wants to make this world a better place and for that reason we suggest to be cautious with your consumption and air contiditioning use, take care of the environment!!! The extra khw consumed will cost $4.00 pesos each) - 1 cleaning for each week (does not include sheets and towels laundry, but there is washing machine and dryer) - TIPS are not included You can book your condo now with just the half of the total amount and the rest will be paid at the check in. You can easily choose between Paypal (4% commission) or a Bank transfer (usually 35$usd fee). At the arrival, if you pay cash there's no charge, (but if you pay with the credit card or debit card there's 16% of taxes). We also need a 500 USD security deposit that will be refund at your check out Only with VISA or Master Card IMPORTANT NOTE: THE PROPERTY WILL BE DELIVERED (KEYS) AND WILL GIVE ACCESS TO THE PROPERTY ONLY IF THE PAYMENT OF THE RENT AND SECURITY DEPOSIT MENTIONING IN YOUR CONTRACT HAS BEEN COVER IN TOTAL The owner will consider the property AVAILABLE until the deposit of the money. Check in at 15:00 hrs Check out at 11:00 hrs ***Check-ins after 8pm, check-outs before 8 am and Sunday at any time will have a 10$us extra fee. Tips for concierge and cleaning lady is not mandatory but really appreciated :) NOTE FOR MONTHLY RENTS: For all our monthly rents, because we have reduced the price, Cleaning and Electricity are not included. At your check in, we’ll take a picture of the electric meter and the same the day of your check out. This is the way that you'll pay for the consumption of electricity during your stay. If during one month you used less than 400 kwh in total, then you will pay $2 pesos per each kwh If during one month you used more than 401 kwh in total, then you will pay $4.5 pesos per each kwh If you stay more of one month, we’ll make an average of the total kwh consumed during your stay. We hope that this information will be interesting for you and if you have any comment or doubt, please let us know we are looking forward to welcome you on your next vacation.

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