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Oceanview Room for rent with Private Balcony in Celestun - Mexico

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All the rooms on the upper floors open to their own private balcony with a view of the Gulf. They are 38-m² (400-feet²) in size and offer a choice between 2 singles or 1 king-size bed (please let us know which one you prefer at the time of booking). The bathrooms feature a walk-in shower with an open-concept sink area facing the main living space. All rooms have air-conditioning and ceiling fan, mosquito screens and hot water, include a coffee-maker and a small fridge as well as an in-room safe. A traditional hammock, found in almost every Yucatecan home is also there to enjoy.


تحت إدارة: المالك

الزائرون: 2

نوع الوحدة: غرفة

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نوع الغرفة: غرفة خاصة

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الحد الأدنى للإقامة: 2 ليالي

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ملاحظة! للتكبير أو التصغير، اضغط على الخريطة.

المضيف : Jess Meyer

أرسل رسالة

محل الإقامة: Mérida,Mexico

اللغات التي يتحدث بها : الإنجليزية

معدل الرد : N/A

البلد : Mexico


قواعد المنزل

تسجيل الوصول في أي ساعة بعد الـ 03:00 مساءً و المغادرة في 11:00 صباحاً

قواعد إضافية

For security reasons we lock our gates at night from 10 pm to 7 am and have a door bell to notify us when guests come home past closing time. We are happy to open any gates during closed hours anytime (like for the spontaenous night swim in the ocean....) PLEASE READ OUR TERMS & CONDITIONS PRIOR TO BOOKING 1. Our Guesthouse does not provide a 24 hour front desk. Therefore please make sure you provide us with your estimated time of arrival when you make your reservations. If you have not done so already or your timing has changed, we ask you to please send us an email and notify us. 2. You can check-in after 15.00 hours (3pm) at the day of your arrival. If your room is ready before that time we are happy to check you in earlier. Sorry, we don’t have enough secured space to store luggage safely. We are not liable for any loss or damage of unattended luggage left on our premises. Latest check-in time is at 22.00 hours (10pm), so please be sure you arrange your travel connections accordingly. 3. To cover any incidentals we collect a US -$100 deposit or the equivalent amount in Mexican Pesos at the time of check-in. 4. All our accommodations allow for a maximum occupancy of 2 persons. 5. Check-out is by 11.00 in the morning. When everything is in order you will be refunded the deposit collected at the time of check-in. 6. Smoking in the rooms or balconies is strictly prohibited by law. The property is deemed a smoke free environment with smoking allowed only in designated smoking areas outside. 7. Any form of glass around the pool area is strictly prohibited by law. 8. Our guesthouse is not designed to safely accommodate children under the age of 12. Minors 12 and older have to be checked in by and with a parent or legal guardian. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for all actions of minors while on our premises. 9. Pets are not permitted. We may have our own dogs on the premises for guarding and security purpose. 10. We expect you to practice common courtesy towards fellow guest. Please keep common showers and washrooms clean. When listening to personal entertainment please use your headphones or keep volume low. For the peace of others please refrain from loud or obnoxious behaviour. 11. Cooking in the rooms or anywhere else on the premises is strictly prohibited. We offer a small refrigerator in every room for storage of food & drinks. 12. Unregistered guests are not permitted to use our amenities. If you have temporary visitors coming onto the premises please notify us. 13. Drunken or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and may lead to expulsion without any refunds. 14.. Suspicion or discovery of gambling activities, prostitution, weapons or drugs will result in immediate expulsion without prior warning and without refunds. At our discretion we may get local authorities involved. 15. Any commercial use of photography or video of our premises without prior consent by Playa 55 is frowned upon. We kindly ask you to talk to and notify us if you have in mind to release your footage to any public media channel.

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