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6-Bedroom Villa for rent for big groups in Mexico City - Mexico

16 زائر
6 غرف النوم
10 الأسّرة
2 ليالي

عن الوحدة

This is an urban retreat conformed by 6 private units & charming out-door spaces, located in a centric area, with all kinds of services at your fingertips. It is the ideal place to accommodate work groups, big families or groups of couples traveling together. The main construction is divided into 5 suites, four on the main floor and one in the basement. Each suite features: (1) King-size dormitory, (2) Living-dining area w/ kitchen, and (3) Shower bathroom. The 6th unit is a studio located in the back of the property, with a king-size bed, fully-equipped kitchen, and shower bathroom.


تحت إدارة: المالك

الزائرون: 16

نوع الوحدة: فيلا

غرف النوم: 6

نوع الغرفة: المكان بالكامل

الأسّرة: 10

الحمامات: 6

الحد الأدنى للإقامة: 2 ليالي

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6 سرير مزدوج
4 سرير أريكة


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آخر تحديث: 2019-04-06
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الأيام العادية
380 380 2394 7980 2
Grand Prix F1
2019-10-24 / 2019-10-28
450 475 0 0 3
Winter Holiday Season
2019-12-20 / 2020-01-02
450 475 2835 0 3
NFL game & Thanksgiving
2019-11-22 / 2019-12-01
475 475 2993 0 3

رسوم إضافية

رسوم نظافة: 115 USD

زائر إضافي: 0 USD

مبلغ التأمين: 600 USD


ملاحظة! للتكبير أو التصغير، اضغط على الخريطة.

المضيف : Monnah Zurita

أرسل رسالة

محل الإقامة: Cancún,Mexico

اللغات التي يتحدث بها : الإنجليزية

معدل الرد : N/A

البلد : Mexico


قواعد المنزل

مسموح بالتدخين

ملائم للأطفال (2-12 سنة)

ملائم للرُضع (أقل من سنتين)

تسجيل الوصول في أي ساعة بعد الـ 03:00 مساءً و المغادرة في 11:00 صباحاً

قواعد إضافية

*Lodging rate includes the 6 suites to accommodate up to 16p. *Upon arrival, our guests must sign our Lodging Agreement, and commit to follow our House Rules. *Our official check-in time is 3pm. Our official check-out time es 11am. WHEN THERE ARE NO OTHER GUESTS CHECKING IN OR CHECKING OUT ON THE SAME DAY, as a courtesy, we can allow early arrivals and late departures. The earliest check-in time from Monday to Friday is 9:00am; on Saturdays & Sundays, 11:00am. The latest check-out time from Monday to Friday is 5pm; on Saturdays & Sundays, 3pm. Please take this into consideration when planning your trip. *Maximum 16 persons in this property. *No pets allowed inside the property. *It is strictly prohibited to smoke in all interior spaces. It is only allowed to smoke in the roof-garden and in the patios. Do not leave cigarette butts on the floor. *Do not risk our property by using drugs. *Parties, loud music and noise are not allowed. *In consideration to our neighbors, gathering among guests must be quiet, not inconvenience the neighbors, and end at a reasonable time. *The property is for the exclusive use of the person who books it and his travel companions. Do not bring strangers in the house during your stay. *We will appreciate turning off the lights, fans and electrical devices when not in use and/or when leaving the house for the day. *The street door must be kept locked at all times. *Trash should be placed in plastic bags and then deposited inside the proper containers. To avoid bad odors and to keep a cleaner environment, please make sure that organic waste bags are not leaking. *Please take care of our property and the furniture like you would yours. :)

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  • يسترد الزائر المبلغ بالكامل إذا قام بالإلغاء خلال 48 ساعة من تأكيد الحجز وبشرط أن يتم الإلغاء قبل 14 يوم من موعد تسجيل الوصول.
  • يسترد الزائر 50% من المبلغ إذا قام بالإلغاء قبل 7 أيام على الأقل من موعد تسجيل الوصول.
  • لا يسترد الزائر المبلغ إذا قام بالإلغاء خلال الـ 7 أيام التي تسبق موعد تسجيل الوصول.

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منزل · 3 غرف · 9 زائرون
99 USD في الليلة
منزل · 6 غرف · 15 زائر
290 USD في الليلة

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